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Riccardo (Character)
from Haunting Ground (2005) (VG)

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Haunting Ground (2005) (VG)
Riccardo: Exire Debilitas! Please excuse me, Miss. I am Riccardo, keeper of the castle. So sorry to hear about your accident. Your parents... As Master Ugo and Mistress Ayla are both deceased, you, Miss Fiona are the sole surviving heir of Belli Castle. Are you in pain, Miss? Will you be alright? You've had a long day. Please, rest upstairs. Your bed has been prepared...

Riccardo: Let me into your womb!

Riccardo: Ah, Fiona! I see you've finally awakened. There's something I've wanted to show you for quite some time. Pull away that sheet behind you!
[Fiona pulls away the sheet and gasps]
Riccardo: Ah... beautiful, isn't it? That, my dear, is what you will become in the future. Go ahead, you may touch it. You will be mine, Fiona!