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Backlot Tour Guide (Character)
from Your Studio and You (1995)

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Your Studio and You (1995)
Narrator: [as the back lot tour drives past the Jaws exhibit] Yes, these elements have all combined to make Universal Studios what it is today. But what about tomorrow? If we don't keep in step with the times, things that once were neat and thrilling can become old, and stupid.
Backlot Tour Guide: [as the tram lurches] Woah! Woah woah woah woah, what is going on here? Ladies and gentlemen, this never happens.
[the mechanical shark appears]
Backlot Tour Guide: Look out! It's a shark!
[No one reacts]
Backlot Tour Guide: Here it comes! A shark is coming!
Narrator: That's right. Old, and stupid.