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Tracey (Character)
from Conception (2011)

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Conception (2011)
Tracey: Before you order that, I would like to point out that cows are slaughtered. They are shocked with electric prods and herded off to the killing floor. Then they're hoisted up by one leg and hung on a processing tine, and then their necks are slit open, cutting the jugular vein as they slowly bleed to death.
Rollerskating Carhop: Hello... can I take your order?
Tracey: If, if they happen to somehow miraculously cheat death, then the animals are fully conscience as they reach the scalding tank as they mow for mercy while they're being boiled alive. So - tell me - you want to change your order?
[kisses his hand]
J.T.: Definitely changing my order.
[kisses her hand]
J.T.: Um, could you hold the mayo...