Terry Olsen
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Terry Olsen (Character)
from Chelsea Walls (2001)

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Chelsea Walls (2001)
Terry Olsen: Why do they call you Lorna Doone? Ain't that a cookie?
Lorna Doone: You can call me whatever you want.

Ross: You're Bob Dylan? By any chance can I kiss your boot?
Terry Olsen: Fuck off.
Ross: Hey! You're from Minnesota, aren't ya? You must be him! Huh?
Terry Olsen: Seriously dude, fuck off.
Ross: Bob! Bob! Bob! Bob! Hey, listen to this, you're not going to believe this, man. I am down in the lobby, right? Right?
Terry Olsen: Yeah?
Ross: There's this guy, puttin' up a paintin'. So, I'm like, helpin' 'em with the ladder and shit. He tells me, he lives here, in a room just like this one... but he's got it all for free. Yup, all he's gotta do is give a paintin' to the manager. This guy bullshits me about how he's an artist and how the manager understands. And as long as he's, you know, creatin', he can live here.
Terry Olsen: The guy was lyin'.
Ross: Yeah, that's what I thought. But, the manager, standin' fuckin' right there.
Terry Olsen: Well, what'd it look like?
Ross: What?
Terry Olsen: The painting, dumbshit.
Ross: That's the best part. It's ugly as shit. I coulda done it easy. Whole buncha colors thrown all around.