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Mrs Foxfur (Character)
from Guest House Paradiso (1999)

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Guest House Paradiso (1999)
Richard Twat: Ahh... Good morning, Mrs Foxfur.
Mrs Foxfur: Morning, Twat.

Richard Twat: [opens the till and finds it empty] What are the advance bookings, like?
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba: Ah, not too good.
Richard Twat: [shuts the till] Ooooooooh, God!
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba: Come on, Richie, it's not that bad.
Richard Twat: Yes, it is, I just trapped the tip of my penis in the till drawer!
Mrs Foxfur: [Eddie open the till] Oh, Mr Twat!
Richard Twat: It's Thwaite,
Richard Twat: I thought you said the guests have gone.
Eddie Elizabeth Ndingombaba: I thought she was dead.

Mrs Foxfur: I really must have some more sherry!
[passes out]