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Mara Aramov (Character)
from Syphon Filter (1999) (VG)

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Syphon Filter 3 (2001) (VG)
Mara Aramov: You will never stop me, Logan. I've got one bomb left and a train full of hostages.

Erich Rhoemer: How much information was smuggled back to your agency?
Ellis: I'm not telling you anything. You'll have to kill me.
Erich Rhoemer: Very well. Now I will show you how we deal with informants.
[to Mara]
Erich Rhoemer: Kill him.
Mara Aramov: With pleasure.

Syphon Filter (1999) (VG)
Mara Aramov: Tell me where the virus labs are!
Jonathan Phagan: I don't know!
Mara Aramov: Tell me, or I will kill you!
Jonathan Phagan: I can't tell you!... Don't kill me!
Mara Aramov: You have 'till the count of 10 to tell me!
Jonathan Phagan: Please... don't!... I'll pay you!

[Mara shoots Phagan]
Mara Aramov: They're all the same in the end.

Syphon Filter 2 (2000) (VG)
Mara Aramov: Another agency screw-up. Do you have any idea how close the incompetence has come to killing us all?
Lyle Stevens: I am not responsible for the actions of my predecessor. Markinson was not in control.
Mara Aramov: Markinson was your man.
Lyle Stevens: As Rhoemer was yours.