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Thomas Markinson (Character)
from Syphon Filter (1999) (VG)

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Syphon Filter (1999) (VG)
Thomas Markinson: I have already had Pharcom investigated. The final report was inconclusive.
Gabe Logan: Whose report, Benton's? The same man who coordinated our botched raid in Costa Rica? The man who got Jenkins' entire team taken out?

Gabe Logan: How many missions did you send us on, knowing that Benton could have gotten us killed?
Thomas Markinson: We do what it takes, Logan. All of us.

Gabe Logan: My god! Syphon Filter! It's...
Thomas Markinson: Yes, it's quite remarkable. A virus genetically programmable to elimiate anyone or anything. Imagine a weapon that could target specific demographics, ethnic groups... it could wipe out whole continents, except for those chosen to survive.

Edward Benton: Logan's report was clear enough.
Thomas Markinson: I want two additional teams assigned to this. Find Rhoemer.
Edward Benton: I understand.
[Benton exits Markinson's office]
Thomas Markinson: Logan is my best agent. What do you want to do?
Man in shadow: Nothing. We will wait. We will wait and see what he can discover.