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Sister Evangelina (Character)
from "Call the Midwife" (2012)

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"Call the Midwife: Episode #1.2" (2012)
[Chummy Browne, a tall, gawky, clumsy midwife, has just arrived at the convent]
Sister Evangelina: Ah, Camilla Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne?
Chummy Browne: I generally answer to "Chummy". My pa used to say "Long dogs need short names".
Sister Evangelina: Follow me. And mind your head. I understand you qualified by a whisker, Nurse Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne.
Chummy Browne: I *did* pass. It was a bit of a scrape. Before that I was nursing for five years.
[Sister Evangelina brings out box containing a midwife's standard kit]
Sister Evangelina: Do you need me to go through this piece by piece?
Chummy Browne: Not remotely.
[Chummy looks in the box]
Chummy Browne: What's that?
Sister Evangelina: It's an enema nozzle.
Chummy Browne: It's made of glass.
Sister Evangelina: Do you break things?
Chummy Browne: No.
Sister Evangelina: And are all your dresses pink?
Chummy Browne: I do have another - in eau-de-nil.
Sister Evangelina: [ironically] I bet you look a picture in *that* too.

Sister Evangelina: And are all your dresses pink?
Chummy Browne: I do have another, in eau de nil.
Sister Evangelina: I bet you look a picture in that too.

"Call the Midwife: Christmas Special (#2.0)" (2012)
[Sister Evangelina is trying to break the ice with a difficult patient who hit her when she tried take a blood sample]
Sister Evangelina: [writing in her notebook] "Patient demonstrated strong right hook". Right, you awkward old biddy. See what you make of this...
[Sister Evangelina farts loudly]
Sister Evangelina: And if that doesn't impress you, I can do it again in a different key.
[Sister Evangelina farts again, this time producing a lower note]
Sister Evangelina: Catch it, Nurse Lee. It's heading for the door.
Mrs. Jenkins: Cat's got it now. It's underneath the chair.
Sister Evangelina: "Where'er you be, Let your wind go free".
Mrs. Jenkins: "In church and chapel, Let it rattle".
Sister Evangelina: Good thing there's no naked flames about.
[they both chuckle]

"Call the Midwife: Episode #2.8" (2013)
PC Peter Noakes: Is there any news?
Sister Evangelina: It's a baby, not a lubricated penguin, they don't come sliding out, to order.

"Call the Midwife: Episode #1.3" (2012)
PC Peter Noakes: [to Chummy] You look well.
Chummy Browne: Well, and you.
Sister Evangelina: Oh, enough. I cannot watch anymore. Constable Noakes, would you like to take Nurse Browne to the pictures on Friday evening?
PC Peter Noakes: I, uh...
Sister Evangelina: Simple question. Yes or no.
PC Peter Noakes: Yes. Yes I would.
Sister Evangelina: Nurse Browne, would you like to go?
Chummy Browne: I'd love to.
Sister Evangelina: Excellent. How marvelous for you both. Now I can get on and enjoy my cake.