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Timothy (Character)
from The Cay (1974) (TV)

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The Cay (1974) (TV)
Timothy: ...this outrageous humbug island.

Timothy: [while teaching Phillip to make sleeping mats while he's blind] Over and under. Over and under.
Phillip: [pushes the mat away] I won't do it!
Timothy: We must all work, young bahss.
Phillip: That's your kind of work, you stupid black trash! You can't even spe...
[Timothy slaps Phillip across the face]
Timothy: I'll get back to work my own self.

Phillip: Timothy? I want to be your friend.
Timothy: Oh, young bahss, you have always been my friend.
Phillip: Then can you call me Phillip instead of young boss?
Timothy: [pauses then smiles humbly] Phi-leep.
[Phillip and Timothy laugh]

Phillip: [while he becomes blind] Timothy?
Timothy: Young bahss.
Phillip: Is it night?
Timothy: 'Tis day.
Phillip: [in shock] Timothy!
[Timothy turns in a stunned look]
Phillip: I can't see!
Timothy: WHAT?
Phillip: I'm blind! I'm blind! I'm blind!
Timothy: Young bahss, you cannot be blind!
[Timothy picks up Phillip and turns him to the sun]
Timothy: Look at the sun!
Phillip: I'm blind...
Timothy: [puts him down] Now, please. You must lie down and rest. What has happened will go away. 'Tis most natural temporary

Timothy: [after his malaria goes away, notices he's by the ocean shore] How did I get down here?
Phillip: [laughed] You jumped up and ran.
Timothy: That fever, some devil.
Phillip: Right into the water.
Timothy: That be true. My head burn like fire. I put it out.

[after the shipwreck, Phillip sees Timothy next to him on the raft]
Timothy: Young bahss, you with me now. It has been lonesome these very hours.
Phillip: My head!
Timothy: You had a most outrageous crack on the head, young bahss, before I hurled you board this raft.
Phillip: What happened?
Timothy: That most treacherous torpedo split the very hull. Two minute at the most, the ship gone.
Phillip: My mother!
Timothy: That lady, ah, they put her in the lifeboat. And that be true, young bahss.