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Erik Hesselberg (Character)
from Kon-Tiki (2012)

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Kon-Tiki (2012)
Thor Heyerdahl: [Meeting all in the bay] This is Herman Watzinger, my second in command. For the simple reason that without him no one could have been first in command. Herman these are my two fantastic radio operators: Torstein. War Hero, nerves of asbestos. As far as we know, he has only two weaknesses: whiskey and women - Knut Haugland, also a war hero, and I know Knut hates me for saying it, but I must be allowed to call him a legend. That is what you are, Knut - Erik Hesselberg...
Erik Hesselberg: [ironic] No legend.
Thor Heyerdahl: ...but you have saved my life. Erik and I grew up together in Larvik. Erik has one unique skill that we are going to appreciate. Erik has been at sea before. I'm sure you have some questions...
Erik Hesselberg: [Walking toward Thor] Maybe I should introduce you first. This is Thor. A pompous, self-centered weirdo, but a very good leader. And because he is, we are about to do what Tiki did 1500 years ago. We are going to...
Thor Heyerdahl: We will build a raft.
Erik Hesselberg: And...
Thor Heyerdahl: [laughling] And drift into the sunset.
Torstein Raaby: [curious] Where is the raft?
Thor Heyerdahl: [ironic] You're sitting on it.

Torstein Raaby: [all six lying on the raft, looking the starry night sky] It's as if we're the only people left in the universe.
Bengt Danielsson: Maybe we are. Maybe they've dropped bombs on eachother. And every city is like Hiroshima.
Erik Hesselberg: [suspicious] I doubt we would have had radio contact Bengt.
Thor Heyerdahl: Maybe we've just been accepted. By nature. That we've become like a seagull or a fish.

Knut Haugland: [about how to avoid Raroia Reef to arrive mainland] What alternatives do we have?
Herman Watzinger: We could try to surf over.
Knut Haugland: [skeptic] Surf?
Herman Watzinger: [taking paper and pen to drawn it] Yes. Waves come in cycles of 13. Every 13th wave is substantially greater than the ther. When we are close to the reef we throw out an anchor, something heavy that can keep the raft in place.
Erik Hesselberg: And then?
Herman Watzinger: Then we count the waves. And just before the 13th wave we cut the rope, and hopefully, surf over the reef. It could work.
Thor Heyerdahl: [looking Herman] I like it. Let's do it. That's what we'll do.