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Quotes for
Hanar (Character)
from "Star Trek" (1966)

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"Star Trek: By Any Other Name (#2.22)" (1968)
[McCoy has given Hanar another injection]
Hanar: How many more of these?
Dr. McCoy: Well, now, let's see. You've had three shots. I think you better stay on them for a few days, and then we'll see how you respond.
Hanar: [slightly irritated] I see no reason for you to refer to yourself in the plural.

Rojan: Space again, Hanar. I do not think we could have kept our sanity living too long on this accursed planet.
Hanar: It is an undisciplined environment. One cannot control it. Yet there are things of interest.
Rojan: Yes, but disturbing. These shells in which we've encased ourselves, they have such heightened senses. To feel... to hear... to smell. How do humans manage to exist in these fragile cases?
Hanar: Since the ship was designed to sustain these forms, we have little choice.
Rojan: At least we'll be away from all of this... openness. No, this is too strange for us, Hanar. We are creatures of outer space. Soon, we will be safe in the comforting closeness of walls.