Taki Renzaburo
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Taki Renzaburo (Character)
from Wicked City (1987)

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Wicked City (1987)
Taki Renzaburo: Right, those numbers will work just fine. Yeah. By next week if you want. Mm'hm Yes, I'm sure we can. Right, by next Wednesday, I'll ship it attention to you if that's OK. Sure.
Female Co-Worker: Taki, The boss want's to see you right away.
Taki Renzaburo: Will do.
[groans in pain]
Female Co-Worker: Ohh, tough job being a player but someone has to do it. Take care of yourself.

Makie: What kind of information do you have on him?
Taki Renzaburo: Well, not much, I'm afraid. Giuseppi Mayart. A legend in both out worlds and a great prophet. After signing the last treaty in 1851, he disappeared, he's been spotted twice since then. Once living in the ruins of Pompeii and again somewhere in the heart of the Apollonian Mountains. They say he's absolutely essential for the success of this treaty.
Makie: I hope everything goes smoothly before the meeting.
Taki Renzaburo: For the life of me, I can't figure out why you're my partner. But your fighting ability's certainly up to par.
Makie: What you mean is why your partner is a woman of the Black World.
Taki Renzaburo: Good of you to mention it, I haven't had a particularly wonderful experience with them.
Makie: Whatever it was, I'm sure it was merited.
Taki Renzaburo: Uh, yeah.