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Quotes for
Buddy (Character)
from The Wanderers (1979)

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The Wanderers (1979)
Richie: You hear the whistle?
Buddy: Yeah. Ready to kick some ass!
[Joey and Turkey run by them]
Richie: Hey, Hey Joey! Who we fighting?
Joey: The Baldies!
Richie: The Baldies? Oh, shit!

Turkey: Hey, look listen to me, I call my friends in the Baldies.
[small scuffle]
Turkey: NO, those Guys Like Me! If we call'em I think they'll come in with us. With them in, you know, it's all over.
Richie: Listen, I ain't callin' those guys Turkey, I got my pride.
Buddy: Yeah, sometimes all you got is pride. You got to hold your head up high. You know, I seen this movie once where this guy was being tortured by the Japs. But he wouldn't give them any information. Every time they tortured him, he started singing the Star Spangled Banner.
Joey: WOW, what happened?
Buddy: They killed him.
Richie: Shut-Up, will yuh' Buddy! You're depressing me.