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Quotes for
Motaw (Character)
from Above the Rim (1994)

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Above the Rim (1994)
Motaw: Riding in SUV with Bugaloo and Kyle... Pull the ar over. Pull it over right here. PULL IT OVER!
Motaw: Run it niggas. - gets money from the two dealers, then punches both of them in the mouth. Picks up one of the dealers, placed the barrel of a gun into his mouth.- Don't you ever hold out on me again. Understand? -Punches the dealer again.
Motaw: Getting back in the SUV - Ya'll motherfucker see that? I'm a motherfucking soldier! Now drive!
Bugaloo: Nigga you need a role model, or a hug, or somethin.

Bugaloo: Yo, Kyle, tell this funny-looking nigga how long it took me to call you back after you beeped me.
Kyle-Lee: A couple of minutes.
Bugaloo: A couple of minutes, Mo. That's called good business. Prompt service. You know what I'm saying?
Motaw: Get the fuck out of my ear.
Bugaloo: Anyway, yo, Kyle, I told Birdie that you was in. Money was hyped. He had like an orgasm and shit. I think that nigger like winning more than money and twice as much as pussy and shit. Motherfucker jerk off to winning.
Motaw: Alright, you motherfuckers finished? Ya'll FINISHED? You silly motherfuckers! You got be soldiers, alright? Soldiers! Not clowns, goddamnit. Drive, and you, shut the fuck up.
Kyle-Lee: Yo, man, why you be trying to stare me down?
Motaw: What?
Bugaloo: Don't mind that nigger. He's just mad. He'll be sittin' the bench and you playing point and shit. He got his period and shit. I'll get you some pads. Mini or maxi, what you take? Tampons?
Motaw: Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something! First of all, I don't give a fuck what Birdie said. And I don't give a damn about this nigga in the back. I'll bury the both of you motherfuckers. Better start listening and stop playing. Hold up, pull over right here.
Kyle-Lee: I thought we're going to the spot?
Motaw: Nigga, I said pull over
Bugaloo: For what?
Motaw: Pull over!