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Rollins (Character)
from Above the Rim (1994)

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Above the Rim (1994)
Rollins: Born with all the gifts, but you just gave up. Oh yeah, I'd say you owe plenty. If you ever plan on giving anything back, you better start right now. You can't do anything about your mom or Nutso, but you can about Kyle. It's all there for him, Shep, and he's blowing it.
Shep: Well, he won't be the first.

Rollins: You forgot about your team.
Kyle-Lee: I had 22 points and 8 rebounds.
Rollins: And we lost.
Kyle-Lee: Then maybe the entire team should be here instead of just me. It's not like anybody else had a good game.
Rollins: You didn't give them a chance to. And that's just the sort of thing recruiters look at.
Kyle-Lee: Come on coach, we both know there's more to making it than what happens on the court.
Rollins: What is that supposed to mean?
Kyle-Lee: Nothing.