Curtis Donovan
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Curtis Donovan (Character)
from "Misfits" (2009)

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"Misfits: Episode #2.1" (2010)
Curtis Donovan: [Nathan wakes up out of the coffin] What the fuck?
Nathan: You should see the looks on your faces. Classic! Hey guess what? I'm immortal! Can you believe this shit? I've told you I had a power. Oh, looks like they saved the best for last, huh? Immortality... that's off the A-list.

Nathan Young: So basically... he's had a blowjob off your girlfriend, and you haven't...
Curtis Donovan: Shut up man, it wasn't her...
Nathan Young: It looked like her...
Curtis Donovan: It wasn't her...
Nathan Young: It had her mouth...
Curtis Donovan: Wasn't her brain...
Nathan Young: Who cares about her brain when your balls are resting on her chin!

Curtis Donovan: [holding bat to Nathan's face] Say another word. I dare you. Do it!
Nathan Young: [guffaws] I didn't do anything... be angry with him.
Simon Bellamy: [stuttering] ... I-I didn't know what was happening... she-she just... and then she... before I knew it, she was...
Nathan Young: Sucking your cock!

"Misfits: Christmas Special (#2.7)" (2010)
Nathan Young: We may have done sod all with our powers but we never abused them. We never raped or murdered anyone.
Curtis Donovan: She raped me and we killed loads of people.
Nathan Young: Okay, but we're the good guys!

Curtis Donovan: One of your followers killed my girlfriend.
Simon Bellamy: You're exploiting the fulnerable.
Kelly Bailey: You taking money of people,
Alisha Bailey: Sexually assaulting Girls
Elliot: Hey, that's the catholic church for you.
Curtis Donovan: Hey, he's got a point. When I was growing up in Ireland, if the priests weren't fiddling with you, you were one of the ugly kids.

"Misfits: Episode #1.3" (2009)
Curtis Donovan: Go on then. Turn invisible.
Simon Bellamy: I can't do it when everyone's watching me.
Nathan Young: So I guess it's like pissing at a urinal if you've got a tiny cock.

Simon Bellamy: What's he doing?
Curtis Donovan: He's trying to smash the bottle with his mind. I think he's going to shit himself.

"Misfits: Episode #1.1" (2009)
Kelly Bailey: [in thick East Midlands accent] Ehm, wot makes ya thin' that yer better than ozz?
Nathan Young: What is *that* accent?
Curtis Donovan: Is that for real?
Kelly Bailey: Wot, you tryin' to say soomfin 'ou' it, then, yah?
Nathan Young: It's a - are you - that's just a noise! Are we supposed to be able to understand her?

"Misfits: Episode #1.2" (2009)
Curtis Donovan: My mum told me to stay away from girls like you.
Alisha Bailey: Your mum has never met a girl like me.

"Misfits: Episode #2.5" (2010)
Nikki: If I had your power. I'd wait until I was coming and I'd rewind a couple of seconds and just hover in the moment.
[starts faking an orgasm, makes a rewind sound and starts faking again]
Curtis Donovan: You're too good at faking it. Most people would want to do something useful, like go back in time and kill Hitler or something.
Nikki: Right. But after after I'm done killing Hitler, I'm doing the thing with the orgasms.