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Patches (Character)
from "Pound Puppies" (2010)

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"Pound Puppies: Hello Kitten (#3.11)" (2013)
Patches: What are you doing? We're not supposed to talk to it!
Cupcake: You're gonna catch the kitten cooties!
Rebound: That's dopey. Besides, since when do we sit still and mind our own business?
Patches: She's got a good point there.
Cupcake: Yeah, I'm pretty terrible at both those things.

Patches: Hey! It didn't blow up!
Cupcake: You know? In a way, it's kind of a let down.

Cupcake: Rebound, what part of cats don't like dogs don't you understand?
Patches: It's just in every cartoon that's ever been made!

Patches, Cupcake, Rebound: Super Secret Pup Club go!... Again!

Patches: Well, what are we supposed to do?
Niblet: You could feed it marshmallows, cos suddenly, I don't need them anymore!
Cupcake: Even I know cats don't eat marshmallows.

Teensy: [referring to Rebound who is running around in circles and talking hyperactivity] Are you dogs always like this? It seems very overwhelming.
Patches: Nah, she just does this when she gets excited, or happy, or confused, or bored. Okay, yeah. She's always like this, but that's just her.

"Pound Puppies: The Super Secret Pup Club (#2.3)" (2012)
Patches: Strudel, I have an idea!
Strudel: I am dreadfully sorry to hear that.

Patches: I was thinking you could operate the machine and give commands to Cupcake and Rebound, and they'll act as your arms and legs.
Cupcake: I'll be the arms.
Rebound: And I know what legs are.

"Pound Puppies: The Pups Who Loved Me (#3.3)" (2013)
Patches: Won't that be dangerous?
Bondo: Don't worry, little pup. Danger is my middle name.
Cupcake: I thought your name was "Bondo, just Bondo". Does that mean your full name is "Bon-Danger-O", or "B-Danger-Ondo", or...?

"Pound Puppies: Salty (#2.8)" (2012)
Patches: I know how to swim!
Cupcake: I know how to swim!
Rebound: I know how to run around in circles!

"Pound Puppies: It's Elementary My Dear Pup Club (#3.6)" (2013)
Pepper: A detective must look at every angle.
Rebound: You know, if I tilted my head at an angle like this, I'd look so adorable!
Patches: [sighs] Now, I'm getting too old for this!