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Quotes for
Marcus Templeton (Character)
from Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)

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Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend (1992)
Marcus: At least this is better than my last job, changing those aromatic urinal cakes.

Marcus: My heart is bound to explode if I keep eating like this.

Marcus: My chin is being swallowed up by the abyss once known as my neck

Marcus: Am I going insane? I hope I'm just drunk!

Marcus: I could go buy something at the store - those people *have* to talk to you.

Marcus: I wish I could safely pull out my heart and massage it

Marcus: This is kind of expensive, but it'll be worth it to go out on a date.

Marcus: I should eat at home and save my money for call girls.

Marcus: Can I feel those?

The Hitler Tapes (1994)
Marcus: Yes, Mr. Mandick. No, I didn't come in for work. See, I was shot in the head recently by a call girl. Yes, I'm feeling much better. I'm fired? Okay, thank you very much.