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Billy Phelan (Character)
from Ironweed (1987)

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Ironweed (1987)
Francis Phelan: [walking into the house] How are you doing, Margaret?
Margaret 'Peg' Phelan: [defiantly] I'm doing fine. No thanks to you.
Francis Phelan: Yep.
Billy Phelan: Let's give the man a break, for chrissake. He just got here.
Margaret 'Peg' Phelan: What break did he ever give me? Or you? You don't just pop up here one day and all is forgiven.
Francis Phelan: I ain't expecting to be forgiven. I'm way past that.
Margaret 'Peg' Phelan: Oh. So why have you come back here like a ghost, to force this scrawny turkey on us?
Annie Phelan: That's twelve and a half pounds!
Margaret 'Peg' Phelan: Why did you come here, is what I want to know. This is a home you didn't build.
Francis Phelan: I built you. I built Bill. Helped to.
Margaret 'Peg' Phelan: I wish you never did.
Billy Phelan: Shut up! Rotten tongue of yours. Shut it the hell up.