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Cooper (Character)
from "Ben 10: Ultimate Alien" (2010)

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"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Absolute Power: Part 2 (#1.20)" (2010)
Ben Tennyson: I still don't get it. What's supposed to happen when Kevin gets here?
Cooper: [entering] I think that's where I come in.
Ben Tennyson: Do I know y...? Cooper?
Cooper: I had a growth spurt.
Gwen Tennyson: Yes, you did.

Ben Tennyson: Now that's what I call a happy ending.
Cooper: I guess.
Max Tennyson: You don't know the half of it. We expected Heatblast and the others to get their powers back...
Julie Yamamoto: ...but even the energy Aggregor stole went back to where it belongs...
Ra'Ad: ...and returned US from oblivion. Thank you, Ben Tennyson.
Ben Tennyson: Wasn't me this time. It was all of us.

"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien: Prisoner #775 Is Missing (#2.12)" (2011)
Max Tennyson: Well, it's local business. The first step should be for the Air Force to send in their own investigators.
Cooper: They did. But whatever they learned, we'll never find out from them, Magister Tennyson. Nobody knows techology like I do, and I've never seen *anything* like it.
Max Tennyson: All right, Cooper, I'll be right there.
[Gwen clears her throat]
Max Tennyson: *We'll* be right there.