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Mei Misaki (Character)
from "Another" (2012)

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"Another: Futari (#1.6)" (2012)
[first lines]
Mei Misaki: [Friday, May 1, 1998. Mei Misaki was elected to become the nonexistent student] I don't want to... If I said that, then you didn't do that?
Professor Kubodera: Of course you have all the right to refuse. However, if the disaster begins...
Mei Misaki: Fine, I will.
Yukari Sakuragi: Ehh... What will the teachers do outside of class three?
Professor Kubodera: They will cooperate to the extent of their abilities. However, you should not discuss this matter with anyone outside the class.
Yuuya Mochizuki: Not even with our family?
Professor Kubodera: The rules say we should not talk about it.

Kouichi Sakakibara: But... If that rule is so important, why they didn't tell me that before?
Mei Misaki: You've already spoken to me. that made it difficult for them to address the issue.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Hey, there's something else I want to ask: Is there any reason why your desk is the only old in the class?
Mei Misaki: It's part of the rules. I guess it must have some purpose to complete the spell.

Kouichi Sakakibara: Are you always like...?
Mei Misaki: Like what?
Kouichi Sakakibara: The way you talk to your mother. Almost I would say you are two strangers under one roof.
Mei Misaki: We have always treated like that each other. How is your family?
Kouichi Sakakibara: I have no mother. She died when I was born.
Mei Misaki: I see. Well, this is normal with my mother. I'm just one of her dolls.
Kouichi Sakakibara: But... You're her daughter, you're her flesh and blood.
Mei Misaki: I may be her flesh and blood, but I'm not real.

Kouichi Sakakibara: So... Now I know the class three secret... But... How can you accept that they are using you to complete the spell?
Mei Misaki: There is no other way. Just only I could be. If it had not been me, I should have done like everyone else and treat another person as if he did not exist. It is better that I'm the one that is ignored.

Kouichi Sakakibara: Thank you. Be careful back to your home.
Mei Misaki: I'll be fine.
[Taking off her patch]
Mei Misaki: I showed you this once, right?
[Kouichi nods]
Mei Misaki: I lost my left eye when I was four. Was due to a malignant tumor. I woke up one day and the eye was gone. My mother told me that an artificial eye would not be attractive, so she made one special for me.
Kouichi Sakakibara: You don't need to hide it. Misaki, I think your eye is beautiful.
Mei Misaki: They said I almost died during surgery. I can remember vaguely what happened then. Do you think that is possible?
Kouichi Sakakibara: You mean near-death experiences?
Mei Misaki: Death is not friendly, is dark, black on where you look at it, you're all alone.
Kouichi Sakakibara: All alone.
Mei Misaki: Yes, but is no different when you're alive, right? No matter how many relationships we seem to have, we're all alone. I am alone, my mother is alone, and you are alone. Misaki was alone too.
[Kouichi and Mei are looking face to face]
Mei Misaki: From tomorrow, we will deserve each other.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Uh, oh, yes...
Mei Misaki: [Shaking hands with Kouichi] Nice to meet you, Sakakibara.

Chibiki Tatsuji: [Arriving to the library] Oh, you two are here?
Mei Misaki: Now we are two people that don't exist.
Chibiki Tatsuji: I see... Now do you understand the situation, Sakakibara?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Most, but still find it hard to believe.
Chibiki Tatsuji: I understand, but it's true. This phenomenon is really happening in this town, in this school.

Chibiki Tatsuji: I can't understand the logic behind that, I simply gave up. Only one way seems to be effective against this phenomenon: To deny the existence of someone in the class.
Kouichi Sakakibara: And how probable is that it works?
Chibiki Tatsuji: Fifty-fifty. Some years it works, others fail. In some years there is a clear reason to fail, others are unknown.
Kouichi Sakakibara: That's terrible.
Chibiki Tatsuji: This is no a curse. There is no evil. occurs naturally as a typhoon or an earthquake.
Mei Misaki: Does Professor Mikami was a teacher in charge of class three in 1996?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Looking at the yearbook] Oh, you're right.
Chibiki Tatsuji: She already went through a lot... and make her the assistant professor again...

Kouichi Sakakibara: Why they decided to make two people did not exist?
Mei Misaki: Probably they thought that the spell would not work if they say you now that you must start to ingore me.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So by having a second person cease to exist, could they make stronger the spell?
Mei Misaki: Right. It also saved them to explain you the problem on me. It's quite logical.
Kouichi Sakakibara: But it's a spell, right? All this for a spell?
Mei Misaki: Well, they're desperated. When they take into consideration that some of them may be the next, then take it seriously. Do you think they are being unreasonable?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Of course!
Mei Misaki: There are no guarantees. But if there is an opportunity to help us all avoid the curse, is not that good? It's sad when people die.

Kouichi Sakakibara: I saw the phrase "Who is the dead one?" written in your desk. Did you write it?
Mei Misaki: Yes I know I'm not dead. so I wanted to ask who it was.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Can You notice that?
Mei Misaki: Well...
[In that time, Kirika, Mei's mother, arrives at the room]
Yukiyo ' Kirika' Misaki: Welcome. Sorry for the way I look.
[to Mei, in a cold way]
Yukiyo ' Kirika' Misaki: Is he a friend from class? Or the art club?
Mei Misaki: [In a cold way] He is also a client of the gallery below. Seems to enjoy it a lot.
Yukiyo ' Kirika' Misaki: [Ignoring them] Oh, really? Seems unusual for a boy. Do you like dolls?.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Actually, I...
Mei Misaki: [Interrupting him] I think it's time to go, Sakakibara.

"Another: Inga (The Other Karma) (#1.13)" (2012)
Mei Misaki: Misaki, Your definition of "Cute" is a bit complex...
Misaki Fujioka: Really?
Mei Misaki: [Both girls look at a fully functional toy panda] Is that cute?
Misaki Fujioka: No, It's normal.
Mei Misaki: So, What about that elephant?
[Both girls look at a broken and unusable toy elephant]
Misaki Fujioka: It's cute.
Mei Misaki: I don't get it.

Mei Misaki: Brothers are the second degree of kinship, right?
Misaki Fujioka: Kinship? Oh yeah. About that. Parents are the first degree, grandparents and cousins are the second one. Brothers are also the first degree, right?
Mei Misaki: Yes, I know it.
Misaki Fujioka: Why you ask?
Mei Misaki: People were talking about it in my class.
Misaki Fujioka: Hmm, So, how is your class? Are there any cute guys there?
Mei Misaki: I Don't think so. It's just that class is a little bit weird.
Misaki Fujioka: Weird?
Mei Misaki: How can I say it...? It's like they're cursed... or something.
Misaki Fujioka: Eh? Cursed?
Mei Misaki: Yes, I've heard rumors.
Misaki Fujioka: [Cheerful] Yeah it's weird! I see. So... no cute guys, huh? You want me to introduce you some?
Mei Misaki: Some... what?
Misaki Fujioka: Some guys. Since you don't know anyone...
Mei Misaki: No thanks. You sound like you're my grandmother trying to find a husband for me.

Mei Misaki: [Seeing the half-finished dolls in the studio] Is this... what Aunt Yuki makes?
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Misaki Fujioka: Mei.
Mei Misaki: What?
Misaki Fujioka: Mom... still holds out hope that one day you'll forgive her.
Mei Misaki: You mean Aunt Mitsuyo?
Misaki Fujioka: She is not your aunt! Call her mom!
Mei Misaki: There is nothing to forgive.
Misaki Fujioka: Mom still thinks of you as her daughter. She really wants to see you, but she is indebted to Aunt Yuki to take care of you, and she knows it was a mistake to leave you with her, So... I'm sure she is suffering. That's why.
Mei Misaki: I don't blame her.
Misaki Fujioka: It's true.
Mei Misaki: If we're talking about guilt, Kirika, My mom, she would feel the same.

Misaki Fujioka: It was a horrible day... but I was fine after what happened in the amusement park, right?
Mei Misaki: You'll get better, right?
Misaki Fujioka: Don't be so worried all the time! It's called "Chemotherapy" what the doctor is going to do. I was told that my leukemia can be cured.
Misaki Fujioka: I know you don't want me to worry, but when the time comes for the bone marrow transplant... Count on me to be the donor.
Misaki Fujioka: The doctor said that you're the suitable donor... Thank you...
Mei Misaki: We're going out again, after you leave the hospital...
Misaki Fujioka: Yes.
Mei Misaki: By the way, your birthday is coming soon, right? What do you want as a gift?
Misaki Fujioka: Is your birthday too, you now.
Mei Misaki: All I want for my birthday is for you get better.
Misaki Fujioka: That's easy.
[Both girls laugh]
Misaki Fujioka: Anyway, I know what I want for my birthday: The doll I've seen in your house!
Mei Misaki: Very well. I'll try to get it for you.
[That night, Misaki Fujioka undergoes a strange complication and dies immediately]

[last lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Mei leaves the elevator] Hey, wait.
[Mei is still on her way]
Kouichi Sakakibara: What's your name?
[Mei stops]
Mei Misaki: [after a two seconds silence] Misaki, Mei Misaki.

[first lines]
Student Boy: [a girl wearing a eye patch over his left eye is seen waiting for someone, A boy arrives] Hey girl, Do you have some time? Don't you wanna have some fun?
[the girl does not respond]
Student Boy: Hey...
Misaki Fujioka: [Monotone voice] Do you know what a Doppelgänger is?
Student Boy: [Confused] Doppel... what?
Misaki Fujioka: Is the other self, or the other "you". They say that those who to see a doppelgänger... see tragedies to come.
Student Boy: What are you talking about?
[Mei arrives, wearing a similiar dress but in different color. The guy stares at the two girls and flees in terror]
Mei Misaki: What happened?
Misaki Fujioka: [laughing out loud, in normal voice] Awesome! Did you see his face? I knew you were going to come soon, so I decided to tell him a little story... and he believed it.
[Both girls look at the boy flee]
Mei Misaki: What happened to your eye?
Misaki Fujioka: Let's say it was a "stye".

Misaki Fujioka: [Looking at themselves in the dressing room's mirror] It's like "Which one of us is the real" right?
[Misaki takes off the Mei's eyepatch]
Misaki Fujioka: Look at me... That reminds me... You said you could see something with that eye right?. Your see that something in me?
Mei Misaki: [Smiling] No, nothing.
Misaki Fujioka: That eye is really nice, plus it's a different color and all. This is called "heterochromia", right?
Mei Misaki: It's a glass eye.
Misaki Fujioka: It's a shame that you have to hide it. You're prettier without the eyepatch.
Mei Misaki: This is an indirect way of telling yourself pretty.
Misaki Fujioka: Yes...
[Both girls look at the mirror]
Misaki Fujioka: I will not deny that...
[Both girls laugh]

"Another: Glass Eye (#1.10)" (2012)
Mei Misaki: [after hearing the tape] We could not hear his name.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So it means that the has been altered?
Mei Misaki: Probably.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Then, it must be real.
Mei Misaki: There would be no reason to alter something fake.
Naoya Teshigawara: Well, we don't need the name. The important thing is how to stop the calamity.
Yuuya Mochizuki: They say there is no way to distinguish the dead from the living.
Kouichi Sakakibara: And they don't know they're dead.
Naoya Teshigawara: Is there any way to realize that?
Yuuya Mochizuki: It seems that there is not.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Matsunaga's case was a coincidence.
Yuuya Mochizuki: Don't you believe that the extra one is here at this inn, right?
[Everyone looks at each other uncomfortably silent]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Let's say we find out who he is, and then what? Are we supposed to... kill him?
Naoya Teshigawara: Well, we...
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Interrupting him] Would you be able to kill one of your classmates?

Naoya Teshigawara: [Protesting] Wait, what happened was inevitable. She could do nothing...
Izumi Akazawa: [to Naoya] Really? If she had been strict in avoiding all contact with Sakakibara, countermeasures would have worked.
Naoya Teshigawara: But...
Izumi Akazawa: [Interrupting him] I think the main reason it failed was Misaki.
Naoya Teshigawara: What do you expect her to do now?
Izumi Akazawa: That she apologizes. We have yet to hear an apology from her. However, Misaki, at the time that we allowed you to exist again, you continued as if nothing had happened.
Mei Misaki: Is useless.
[Rising from her chair]
Mei Misaki: Does to apologize would it help? If so, I will.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Misaki, you have nothing to apologize for.
Mei Misaki: [She leans over to apologize] Apologies, is my fault.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Protesting] Is not your fault!

Mei Misaki: Sakakibara...
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes?
Mei Misaki: Thank you for that you did a moment ago.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Eh?
Mei Misaki: You defended me in the dining room.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Oh, that. It was nothing. Was not just me. Teshigawara and Mochizuki too...
Mei Misaki: [Interrupting him] Thanks
[Getting closer to Kouichi]
Mei Misaki: Could you come to see me later? I have my own room, and... I want to see the picture.

Kouichi Sakakibara: So that was what you were doing?
Mei Misaki: I had made a promise to her.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Then, you were sisters, not cousins.
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: That's why you told me, "That already has begun".
Mei Misaki: So, You remember that? Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why don't you tell it me on that day?
Mei Misaki: I... I just... I don't want to believe it. I didn't want to believe that Misaki had died because of that crazy curse. That's why... I could only call her my cousin.

Kouichi Sakakibara: When we met for the first time in the hospital, Were you bringing a doll to your cousin, after she died?
Mei Misaki: Does it seem strange?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Eh...
Mei Misaki: It's a bit complicated... I usually don't like to talk about it.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Could you tell me?
Mei Misaki: Okay... The real name of my mother, Kirika, is Yukiyo. And Misaki's mother is Mitsuyo. They are twins, almost identical. when they grew up, they got married and Mitsuyo became a mother.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Of your cousin Misaki?
Mei Misaki: And another. She had twins.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Twins?
Mei Misaki: A year later, Yukiyo also got pregnant. But her baby never born
Kouichi Sakakibara: You mentioned that before.
Mei Misaki: Yukiyo was attacked by so much pain that she nearly had a meltdown. To make things worse, the Fujioka Family, where the twins were born, was in financial trouble. The Misaki Family on the other hand, needed something to calm the Yukiyo's heart. It was a win-win situation.
Kouichi Sakakibara: You mean that...
Mei Misaki: They gave me to her. I think they gave them to me, instead of Misaki, because of my name.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Your name?
Kouichi Sakakibara: If the Misaki family, had adopted a daughter named Misaki, she would have called Misaki Misaki.

Kouichi Sakakibara: What is your main reason?
Mei Misaki: It's...
[Rising from her chair]
Mei Misaki: This eye.
[taking off her eyepatch]
Mei Misaki: This doll's eye tells me that you are not.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Your left eye?
Mei Misaki: I think I told you the eye let me see things that are not meant to be seen.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yeah, What the eye can see?
Mei Misaki: The...
[covering her right eye]
Mei Misaki: ...color of death. The color of things close to death.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Color? What color is that?
Mei Misaki: A color that I never saw with my right eye. There is no a distinguishable color like red or blue. It is a unique color.
Kouichi Sakakibara: And only you can see that color in the people that are dead?
Mei Misaki: It is clearer in the people that are dead and mild in those with serious illnesses or injuries.
Kouichi Sakakibara: You mean... Can you tell when people are about to die?
Mei Misaki: You can't understand how I see these things, right?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Well...
Mei Misaki: I had to accept it, I had not even talked about it to Misaki. At some point I decided that I would keep the eye covered for the rest of my life. That's why I wanted to see that photo from Twenty-six years ago.

[last lines]
Mei Misaki: [Covering her right eye] I don't see the color of death in you. That's why I know it's not you. You're not the extra one.
Kouichi Sakakibara: And you know it's not you for the same reason?
[Mei nods]
Kouichi Sakakibara: So, that means that you already know who is the extra one?
Mei Misaki: [Elusive] I try to keep my eyepatch at school.
Kouichi Sakakibara: But you wrote "Who is the dead one?" on your desk.
Mei Misaki: Well, it wasn't as if my discovery would change things. But I was curious... so...
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Rising from his seat] What about now? Is the dead one in this trip?
Mei Misaki: The extra one... is here.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Taking Mei by her shoulders] Who is it?
Mei Misaki: It's...
[a loud knock is heard at the room's door, Naoya bursts in desperately, Kouichi releases Mei]
Naoya Teshigawara: [Hopelessly] Sakaki! I think I did something terrible!

"Another: Kakusan (#1.5)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: I understand that I no longer exist for them. But, why they do this?
Mei Misaki: It is a natural question. Do you remember the story about Misaki who died twenty-six years ago?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes.
Mei Misaki: That's what started it all. After that, the class three was close to death.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Death?
Mei Misaki: First happened to the class three the following year to Misaki's classmates graduation . Once it happens, once it begins, someone dies every month. Whether a student or someone in their family.
Kouichi Sakakibara: What is "It"?
Mei Misaki: It's when... the number of students in the class is incremented by one.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Incremented? Who?
Mei Misaki: Nobody knows, they may never know who's that extra one.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Extra one?

Kouichi Sakakibara: Hello
Mei Misaki: [Surprised] What's wrong? Your call was unexpected.
[Kouichi shows her a note that says: "Sorry, ask Misaki to explain you - Mochizuki" And a class list with the name "Mei Misaki" strikeout in red ink]
Mei Misaki: Well. You got the class list. So?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Let me start from the beginning. Did you hear that Takabayashi died?
[She is surprised]
Kouichi Sakakibara: He had a heart attack. I knew he had heart problems, but...
Mei Misaki: I see. The second death in June was caused by disease.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Then when I got to school, whole class was behaving strangely. As if they all conspired to pretend that I was not there.
Mei Misaki: So, it's what all they decided to do...
Kouichi Sakakibara: Does it mean that now I'm like you?
[Mei nods]
Mei Misaki: How does it feel to not exist?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Not so cool... But in a way, is one less worry.
Mei Misaki: Really?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Cause now I know that you exist.

Mei Misaki: Why don't you ask? It might be easier for me explain it to you that way.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I thought you hated the interrogations.
Mei Misaki: I hate it. But today, I will make a special exception.
Kouichi Sakakibara: First of all, Mei Misaki, you exist, right?
Mei Misaki: You thought I was a ghost?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Kind of.
Mei Misaki: I guess that was expected. But now you have no doubt, right?. Now you know that I'm a human living. Only I don't exist for the others in the class three.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Since when?
Mei Misaki: First of May
Kouichi Sakakibara: That's pretty recent.
Mei Misaki: Many things have seemed weird for you from the beginning, Right?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Kouichi nods] And no one told me why.
Mei Misaki: The fact that they don't have explained you the situation beforehand was a costly mistake.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Mistake?
Mei Misaki: You were supposed to treat me as someone who does not exist, like others in the class.
[to Kouichi]
Mei Misaki: But you just finished like me. Bad for you.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Is not that "bullying"?
Mei Misaki: I don't think they see it that way.

Kouichi Sakakibara: Extra One?
Mei Misaki: Twenty five years ago, shortly after the start of the new management, they realized that a desk was missing in the classroom, even though they had prepared enough seats for all students.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Could not they just check the lists?
Mei Misaki: They did, but it was useless. The list of students had been altered to be inconsistent. They only lacked a desk.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Did someone rewrote the lists?
Mei Misaki: I used the word "altered" figuratively. They say that memories of all had been changed.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Uh?
Mei Misaki: That sounds impossible, right? But I guess that's true. They said that this phenomenon could happen.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Phenomenon?
Mei Misaki: At first, everyone thought it was just a mistake and they don't gave a damn about it. But starting April, people connected to the class, began to die each month.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Does each month? All year?
Mei Misaki: This year I think were six students and ten relatives. Quite unusual, isn't it? This has continued in the class three since.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Thoughtfully] Then, a third year student from the class named Misaki, died twenty-six years ago... And starting next year, somehow, there was an additional student in class. Then, people connected to the class began to die each month. But... Why do people die when there is a extra student?
Mei Misaki: No one knows why. This is how it happens. Moreover, the extra one is... someone dead.

[last lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Someone dead? You mean the Misaki who died twenty six years ago?
[she denies]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Is a ghost or something?
Mei Misaki: I think it's different to what we would call "Ghost". The extra one seems to have a physical body, there is no way to differentiate it from the rest of us.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Is there no way?
Mei Misaki: The Dead One has body, soul and memories, and doesn't even know that is dead.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Who are they?
Mei Misaki: People connected to the class that died with the passing of the years. This is how I see it. The actions of class three from twenty six years ago, made the class a place that invites the dead people. After that, the Dead One began to join the class, and class three approached to death. In response ,students from class three devised certain countermeasures to escape this calamity.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Like... exorcisms?
Mei Misaki: Possibly. They tried to go to another classroom, they changed the name of class three to "Class C". but that didn't stop it.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So, the problem is only with the students from the class three, third year?
Mei Misaki: Apparently. Then, ten years ago, they found a way to deal with this problem. A method that prevented people from dying each month.
Mei Misaki: Don't tell me that is...
Kouichi Sakakibara: To treat a student as if he or she didn't exist. Thus, returning to the classroom to their correct number, and maybe avoid the calamity for a year. It's like... a lucky charm.

"Another: Henchou (#1.7)" (2012)
Naoya Teshigawara: There was nothing we could do... Come on, Sakaki, don't get sad. Blaming yourself will not change anything.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Until today, you...
Naoya Teshigawara: [Interrupting him] Yes, and it broke my heart. Now you know the whole story, right? So do you understand why I did it?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes, I understand, perfectly well.
Naoya Teshigawara: [to Mei] What about you, Misaki? Do you feel like you took a huge burden off?
Mei Misaki: Who knows? I never felt a burden.
Naoya Teshigawara: Damn, you're weird.

Izumi Akazawa: [Entering the roof] Oh, there you are.
[Nudging Teshigawara to break through]
Naoya Teshigawara: [Angry] Hey, what's wrong?
Izumi Akazawa: Can be that you two exist again, but you better get ready.
Kouichi Sakakibara: For what?
Izumi Akazawa: [to Kouichi] It's your fault
[Kouichi grasps]
Naoya Teshigawara: Hey!
Izumi Akazawa: People will say that. There is no way you will be considered completely innocent, and I'm also sure that I will be accused of incompetence.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Rigth.
Naoya Teshigawara: [to Izumi] What side are you on?
Izumi Akazawa: I can't blame Kouichi, no matter what anyone says. But this is not over yet. The calamity and my job as countermeasures leader, is just the beginning.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I wonder if anyone will hide until the summer holidays begin.
Naoya Teshigawara: Definitely yes.
Mei Misaki: Some people may have already gone.
Naoya Teshigawara: [to Mei] Do You think that?
Mei Misaki: Yes It happens every year. There are always people leaving Yomiyama during the summer holidays.
Naoya Teshigawara: Everything is so strange, but you're really strange, Misaki. You talk as if this doesn't concern you.
Mei Misaki: Do you?
Naoya Teshigawara: Could it be that you're the extra one?
Mei Misaki: [to Naoya] Could also be you, you know?
Naoya Teshigawara: [Surprised] Me? No way! Don't joke about that.
Mei Misaki: Really there is no other way?
Naoya Teshigawara: [Shocked] No, no, no! I don't remember being dead! And, not wanting to brag about... But I still remember all the things I did as a child!
[Everyone laughs]

Mei Misaki: [Kouichi walks in the hallway, Misaki appears behind him] Who's the Dead One?
[Kouichi looks behind, but Mei is not there]
Mei Misaki: Who's the Dead One?
[Kouichi Look forward to see some friends, but he does not see Mei]
Mei Misaki: Who's the Dead One?
[Kouichi reaches the classroom door and opens it, his classmates are looking at him but they are immobile]
Mei Misaki: Who's the Dead One?
[His classmates begin to melt, as if they were statues made of wax. Scared, Kouichi flees and he finds face to face with Mei Misaki]
Mei Misaki: The Dead One... is you.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Me?
[Kouichi screams while he starts melting as a wax statue, he wakes up from the nightmare]

[last lines]
Mei Misaki: [to Kouichi] By the way...
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes?
Mei Misaki: You said you wondered if you were the Dead One.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes.
Mei Misaki: Did you find what you suspect?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes
[Misaki goes behind the curtains, Kouichi approaches the curtains]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Huh?
Mei Misaki: [as if she were talking to someone else] The new dolls are placed here, sir.
[Kouichi moves the curtains, he is surprised when he sees Misaki lying with eyes closed in a coffin, she wakes up]
Mei Misaki: Do not worry, you're not... You're not the dead one.

Kouichi Sakakibara: So,Will you leave the town?
Mei Misaki: Only for a week. I'll be back for the school trip.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I see...
Mei Misaki: Did you find the ghost picture that your mom left in the house of her parents?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Not yet
Mei Misaki: If you find it, will you show that to me?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Sure.
[Mei approaches Kouichi,handing him a piece of paper]
Mei Misaki: If something happens,use it.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Taking the piece of paper] A number? A cell phone number?
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yours?
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: You said you hate those devices.
Mei Misaki: I hate those. The idea of being connected all the time to people using electromagnetic waves, makes me sick.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So, Why do you have one?
Mei Misaki: She forces me to carry it. She says she worries sometimes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I see...

"Another: Shisha (#1.12)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: I wonder if I'll be able to forget this. The trip, all that has happened since April... All things related to Reiko Mikami. Everything...
Mei Misaki: [Putting her eye patch] Actually Do you want to forget? Or, Do you just want remember her forever?
[Both boys are walking together toward the horizon]
Kouichi Sakakibara: It's over, huh?
[Mei answers him with a smile]

Kouichi Sakakibara: Misaki!
Mei Misaki: [Holding a pickaxe] Don't come.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I'll help you...
Mei Misaki: You can't...
[to Kouichi]
Mei Misaki: ...I see the color of death.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Did you realize that?
Mei Misaki: I already knew for a while, but I couldn't tell you. But now... It's the moment for stop it.

[Underneath the ruins, a person is seen coming out]
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Recognizing the person who is coming out] No... She can't be... No way... You must be kidding! Is she the extra one? Are you sure? Are you sure? Does the Professor Mikami... My aunt, Reiko Mikami, is the extra one?
Reiko: [Recalling what she said in the first day] Now the fourth thing you need to know to get ready for Yomi North is:...
[Taking off her glasses and pulling off her hair bows, she changes drastically her appearance, becoming the Professor Mikami]
Professor Mikami: Keep the limits between my work and my personal life. Be careful and don't call me Reiko or "Auntie" by mistake. At school, I'm known as Professor Mikami. Got it?
Mei Misaki: Is there any other class in the school with a teacher assistant? No. The only one is the third year's class three .
[Kouichi is confused]
Mei Misaki: Our class had the correct number of desks this year. And yet the disaster began in April. Why do you think it happened? Because the extra desk... is in the teachers room.
Professor Mikami: No, you're lying...
Mei Misaki: Sakakibara... Move.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Stopping her] I will.
[He takes the pickaxe]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Send the dead to death.
Professor Mikami: Kouichi...
Kouichi Sakakibara: Forgive me, Reiko.

Mei Misaki: [Answering her cellphone] Sakakibara?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Misaki! Are you okay?
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Where are you?
Mei Misaki: The backyard.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Are you hurt?
Mei Misaki: I'm fine. But actually I can't move from here.
Kouichi Sakakibara: I'll be right there, ok? I'll be there, so...
Mei Misaki: [Interrupting him] Don't come.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Don't come here, Sakakibara.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Desperately] But why?
Kouichi Sakakibara: I... I have to stop it.
Mei Misaki: Misaki, did you...?... Who is he?
Mei Misaki: You'll regret it, Don't...
[Mei hangs up]

"Another: Makeup (#1.11)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: You must be kidding.
Naoya Teshigawara: Why would I joke about this? I tried to dig a little, since he was acting strange lately. And he said he did not remember the things we did together as kids. He did not remember much about primary school.
Kouichi Sakakibara: And then...?
Naoya Teshigawara: I prepared myself and asked: "You're not really Kazami, right?", "You are the extra one in the class, right?" He looked me scared at first, then he was furious. He was acting really suspiciously, I was sure it was him. Since the recording said "Send him back to the death" All of us would be saved.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Worried] Don't tell me... Did you kill him?
Mei Misaki: Is that true?
Naoya Teshigawara: I didn't mean to do it! The attack began and ended outside on the balcony. And the next thing I knew... He was lying on the floor, blood coming out of his head. I panicked and ran down the hall. I saw you entering this room.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So you wanted to know if Kazami was the extra one?
Naoya Teshigawara: Yeah I thought that if the extra one dies, no one would have noticed him.
Naoya Teshigawara: But you two say that still remember him, so it must have been a mistake.
[With tears in his eyes]
Naoya Teshigawara: Say, Sakaki, am I wrong?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Is that, or he is not dead yet.
Naoya Teshigawara: Uh?
Kouichi Sakakibara: A fall in two stories high, he may have survived yet.
[Naoya puts his hands on his head in sign of concern]

[last lines]
Mei Misaki: [Voice Over] If the dead one leaves, all these tragic things will stop, right?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Misaki...
[Mei runs off, leaving Kouichi behind]
Kouichi Sakakibara: ... Misaki!

[a loud knock is heard at the room's door, Naoya bursts in desperately, Kouichi releases Mei]
Naoya Teshigawara: [Hopelessly] Sakaki!I think I did something terrible!
Kouichi Sakakibara: Teshigawara? What happened?
Naoya Teshigawara: Can I... Ask you a question?
Kouichi Sakakibara: What?
Naoya Teshigawara: Do you know to a guy called Tomohiko Kazami?
Kouichi Sakakibara: What?
Naoya Teshigawara: Just tell me! Do you know to Kazami? How does is He?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Of course I know him. He is a class delegate and he's the one that has always been stuck with you.
Naoya Teshigawara: [to Mei] Misaki?
Mei Misaki: Why not remember him?
Naoya Teshigawara: [Falling on his knees] This is wrong... really wrong...
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Worried] What is wrong?
Naoya Teshigawara: [Crying] I think it may have been a mistake.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Mistake? About what?
Naoya Teshigawara: Well, I... I was sure he was the extra one... So rigth now... I...
Kouichi Sakakibara: Was he...? You mean...?
Naoya Teshigawara: Kazami...
Naoya Teshigawara: I did it!

[an explosion causes collapse in a part of the the emergency stairs structure]
Kouichi Sakakibara: I think it has stopped
Mei Misaki: [Worried] What the hell happened?
Kouichi Sakakibara: An explosion in the dining room, probably
Mei Misaki: Ah...
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Startled] Maejima was stabbed in front of the dining room.
[to Mei]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Did she...?
Takako Sugiura: [Suddenly appears] It wasn't me.
[Takako stabs Kouichi on his left arm]
Takako Sugiura: It was probably that old hag...
Mei Misaki: Who?
Takako Sugiura: [to Kouichi] You...
[kicking him in the head]
Takako Sugiura: Out of my way! I will not kill you. You're not the dead one. Furthermore, Izumi seems fond of you.
[Lashes out at Mei, who dodges her slashes]
Takako Sugiura: Send the dead to death!
[In pursuing her. Takako's head is caught in some wires]
Takako Sugiura: Damn Mei !
[a wooden beam is broken, pulling the wires in Takako's neck and pulling her upward, Takako dies strangled, Misaki presences her death]

"Another: Honegumi (#1.3)" (2012)
[first lines]
Mei Misaki: [to Kouichi] Can I show you?
[Kouichi grasps]
Mei Misaki: Can I show you... what is underneath this... eyepatch?
[She removes her eyepatch]

Kouichi Sakakibara: [Seeing that Mei's left eye color is light apple green, while the Mei's right eye color is brown] A glass eye?
Mei Misaki: My left eye is from a doll, I can see things that are not meant to be seen. That's why I keep it covered.

Kouichi Sakakibara: [Finding Mei in the hallway] You always come out of the classroom early.
Mei Misaki: So?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yesterday you also came out before the school exam period ended, Is everything all right?
Mei Misaki: Yes, I'm all right.
Kouichi Sakakibara: So, her name was Misaki Fujioka. The girl who died.
Mei Misaki: [Evasive] Misaki... Misaki was my cousin.
[Kouichi is surprised]
Mei Misaki: We used to be together all the time. We were much more connected.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Connected?
[Mei does not respond]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Hey, About the class three from Twenty-six years ago... What is the rest of the story?
Mei Misaki: [to Kouichi] Nobody told you?
Kouichi Sakakibara: No.
Mei Misaki: I guess it's understandable.

[last lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: There's something I want to ask. It's something I've been wondering since I was transferred. Why everyone in our class, even teachers, act as if you...
Mei Misaki: [Interrupting] Because I don't exist.
[Kouichi is in shock]
Naoya Teshigawara: [Remembering his words] Listen, Sakaki. Don't mess with things that don't exist!
Kouichi Sakakibara: That...
Naoya Teshigawara: [Remembering his words] ... Is Dangerous!
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Pretty frightened] But...
Mei Misaki: None of them can see me. What if you're the only one who can see me?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Voice Over] No... No way...
[to Mei]
Kouichi Sakakibara: No...
[the PE teacher runs into the room 3-3. He calls someone, Yukari Sakuragi comes out from the room. The teacher seems to say something terrible to her, she takes her umbrella. She rushes out of the classroom, Looks at the two boys and she is very frightened]
Kouichi Sakakibara: What's wrong with her.
[Shocked upon seeing Mei and Kouichi, she runs the other way. Yukari Sakuragi slips and stumbles, tripping down the stairs. Her umbrella lands point-up and impales her throat, killing her in seconds]

"Another: Omowaku (#1.2)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Entering the the museum's basement, where he sees half finished ball-jointed dolls, Kouichi is terrified when he sees in a coffin, a life-sized doll with the Mei's likeness] Is that... Mei? Why are you here?
Mei Misaki: [as if the voice came out from the doll] Ah... So you didn't dislike this kind of thing?
[Kouichi panics]
Mei Misaki: Why are you here?
[Mei comes out from behind the doll]
Mei Misaki: Why?
[Kouichi still paralyzed]
Mei Misaki: I wasn't hiding to scare you. You just came while I was here.
[Kouichi is calming]
Mei Misaki: You thought she looked like me?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Incredulous] Yes.
Mei Misaki: [Approaching the doll] It seems, right? But only one half
[Moves a little hair from the doll to show the doll's left eye]
Mei Misaki: Maybe less.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why are you here?
Mei Misaki: I like these things.

[last lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Mei shows him in a glass case, a doll representing a pair of female twins joined by the arm and hip] These are my favorites. Their faces look so calm. I wonder why do they look so calm, although they're attached.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Perhaps, that's why they look so calm?
Mei Misaki: Impossible. It would make more sense for them to be separated.
[to Kouichi]
Mei Misaki: Can I show you?
[Kouichi grasps]
Mei Misaki: Can I show you... what is underneath this... eyepatch?
[She removes her eyepatch]

[first lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Finding Mei sitting on a bench in the North Yomi garden] Hello
Mei Misaki: [after a moment's silence] Why?...
[rising from her seat]
Mei Misaki: Does that seem right for you?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Well...
[a mysterious blizzard comes on suddenly, a yellow rose bush is impacted by the blizzard. Yellow petals flies around both students]
Mei Misaki: You should be careful. Maybe... that already has begun.

"Another: Sobyo (#1.1)" (2012)
[last lines]
Kouichi Sakakibara: So... Do you remember have met me in the Yomiyama Hospital the other day?
[She denies that]
Kouichi Sakakibara: In the elevator, You got off in the second basement level.
Mei Misaki: Did something like that happened?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why did you go there? You said you had to deliver something. You were holding a white doll, Is that what you wanted to deli...
Mei Misaki: [Interrupting him] I hate being questioned.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Oh, sorry. I don't want to make you to tell me. It's just that...
Mei Misaki: Something really terrible happened that day. You're Kouichi Sakakibara, right?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes.
Mei Misaki: Didn't your classmates told you that?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Surprised] Tell me what?
Mei Misaki: They relate your name with death. But not just any death. A cruel and irrational death occurred in this school. This school is a place close to death, especially the class three of the third year. This class is much closer to death than any other class.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Still surprised] Closer to death?
Mei Misaki: Do you really know nothing about, Sakakibara? Nothing at all? Nobody told you?
Kouichi Sakakibara: About what?
Mei Misaki: You'll find out soon. You shouldn't approach me. You shouldn't even talk to me again.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why?
Mei Misaki: You'll find out soon.
Kouichi Sakakibara: But...
[Mei leaves]
Mei Misaki: Farewell... Sa-ka-ki-ba-ra.

Kouichi Sakakibara: [In the elevator, to Mei] Are you a student from North Yomi?
[Mei nods]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Do you have something to do on the second basement level?
Mei Misaki: Yes
Kouichi Sakakibara: But the second basement level is...
Mei Misaki: I have to deliver something. My poor other half... is there, waiting for me.
[the elevator reaches the basement two, Mei leaves the place while Kouichi looks at her]
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Leaving the elevator] Hey, wait.
[Mei is still on her way]
Kouichi Sakakibara: What's your name?
Mei Misaki: [after a long silence] Misaki, Mei Misaki.
[Mei walks and vanishes into the darkness, Kouichi reads the sign to the place where she goes, which says "Morgue"]

"Another: Konpeki (#1.8)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Misaki tries to build a sand castle, he comes to help her] Is your family's summer home nearby?
Mei Misaki: Yes.
Kouichi Sakakibara: What does your father do?
Mei Misaki: [while she shapes the sand hill and tries to avoid contact with the Kouichi's hands] I'm not sure. He rarely comes to Japan. That's why we do this small family ceremony on the rare occasions in which he comes. We may be family, but we are not really connected. It is not something that I care about.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Hey, if we find the dead one, pretend that doesn't exist, would stop the calamity?
Mei Misaki: I don't think that works. It has already begun. I think it's too late trying to put everything in balance...
[Underneath the sand, the hands of both boys make contact. Misaki is surprised]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Are... connected?
Mei Misaki: [Without moving her hands from there] It seems.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Be connected in that way from time to time can't be that bad, right?
Mei Misaki: [after a second of silence] I suppose.

Kouichi Sakakibara: How is it going?
Yuuya Mochizuki: [Pulling very strong the fishing pole] I think I caught a big one. This fish is pulling strong.
[He pulls the fish out of water]
Yuuya Mochizuki: I did it!
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Noticing that is a tiny blowfish] Is this your big fish?
Yuuya Mochizuki: At least it's a fish, I think.
Mei Misaki: [Looking at the small fish] How cute.

"Another: Body paint (#1.9)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: Hey, Misaki?
Mei Misaki: Yes?
Kouichi Sakakibara: [after two seconds of silence] No, it's nothing. I will tell you when I'm sure.
Mei Misaki: Ok.

Chibiki Tatsuji: How did Nakao feel that day?
Kouichi Sakakibara: He was so dizzy from the trip, and he vomited a lot.
Chibiki Tatsuji: Anything else?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Well...
Mei Misaki: He could not swim well.
Chibiki Tatsuji: I see... Maybe that's what happened!
Kouichi Sakakibara: What do you mean?
Chibiki Tatsuji: I talked to Mr. Ohba, a police detective, about what happened. And he had a nagging suspicion... that Nakao may have been dead before the motorboat would have beaten him.
[Kouichi is surprised]
Chibiki Tatsuji: The condition in his head when he died was inconsistent with the moment of the collision with the motorboat. The Bruising caused by the hit was already there before.
Kouichi Sakakibara: You mean, before he went to the beach?
Chibiki Tatsuji: [Nodding] According to his family, that morning they heard a noise on the stairs. When they went to check, they just saw him going to the door.
Mei Misaki: Then he must have beaten his head.
Chibiki Tatsuji: Most likely.
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Shocked] So, The event that led to his death happened in Yomiyama?
Chibiki Tatsuji: Very likely. When he left Yomiyama, without going to the hospital to check his head, his death was assured.

"Another: Rinkaku (#1.4)" (2012)
Mei Misaki: What a coincidence see you here again. Why are you here?
Kouichi Sakakibara: I returned from the hospital and went through here. What about you? Weren't you in school?
Mei Misaki: I only go when I want. Are you okay?
Kouichi Sakakibara: I think I will not have to go back to stay in the hospital in a good time. How are the class since... you know... the accident?
Mei Misaki: They are all terrified.
Kouichi Sakakibara: What?
Mei Misaki: They believe that it may have already started.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Started?
Mei Misaki: Deep down, they may have believed it a little earlier. But now... Despite what they told you, I don't think they have believed it at all until now.
[to Kouichi]
Mei Misaki: But it seems to be true. I would say I'm a hundred percent sure... that has already started. That's why... You still don't know? Good. It's better than you never find out. Once you find out...
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Intrigued] Tell me what happened in class three!
Mei Misaki: Are you going back to school?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes, tomorrow.
Mei Misaki: So I think I'd better not go.
[She approaches to the doll in the coffin]
Kouichi Sakakibara: Why?
Mei Misaki: Be... careful
Kouichi Sakakibara: Hey, Mei...
[a Doll falls from a shelf behind him, Kouichi notes the doll on the ground. When he looks back, he realizes that Mei is no longer in the room]