Grady Edlund
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Grady Edlund (Character)
from "Fear Itself" (2008)

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"Fear Itself: Skin and Bones (#1.8)" (2008)
Eddie Bear: What do you have to say for yourself?
Grady Edlund: You look scared.
Eddie Bear: Should I be? When I was a boy, my uncle went missing. Two weeks it was... lost in the mountains. When he came back, he didn't look right. Not at all.
Grady Edlund: How did he look, Eddie?
Eddie Bear: He looked like you. I seen what happened to my uncle's family when he came back: torn apart.
Grady Edlund: Well, that's not what's tearing apart the Edlund family, now is it, Eddie Bear? You've been around, what do you think?
Eddie Bear: Whatever it is, you best led it go, Grady. Whatever it is that's eating you, you don't let it go, it will devour you.
Grady Edlund: [sitting up, holding arms out menacingly] It already has!
[notices Eddie Bear has a knife in his hand]
Grady Edlund: You better put that big bad knife away now, Eddie. No one's going to take kindly to a bitter old Indian slitting the throat of a well-appointed ranch owner from the city now, are they?
[Eddie puts the knife away, Grady climbs back into bed]
Grady Edlund: You've been good to this place, Eddie. I'd be sorry if it was your undoing.