Sean Barnes
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Sean Barnes (Character)
from Alaska (1996)

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Alaska (1996)
Sean Barnes: Dad, you used to fly 747s, and now you deliver toilet paper.

Sean Barnes: Maybe you should write him a note: "Dear poachers, this is very bad. I'm telling."

Sean Barnes: Are you sure this is how they do it?
Jessie Barnes: It's how they do it on ESPN.

Jake Barnes: What's that? It's either a polar bear or the whitest dog I've ever seen.
Sean Barnes: It's a dog. Can I keep him?

Sean Barnes: Look! It wasn't my fault!
Ben: Son, in Alaska; if it happens to you, it's your fault.

Jessie Barnes: [she and Sean are coming ashore after flipping their kayak in the cold water] This is great. Really great.
Sean Barnes: I'm gonna freeze to death.
Jessie Barnes: So whats the big deal? We'll make a fire.
Sean Barnes: Good. I hope you brought the matches.
Jessie Barnes: I can't believe you're dumb enough to forget the matches!
Sean Barnes: What do you wanna do, Pocahantas? Rub sticks together?