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Agent Gardiner (Character)
from "Continuum" (2012/I)

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"Continuum: Second Degree (#2.7)" (2013/I)
Agent Gardiner: So, are we gonna do this?
Kiera Cameron: You and me working together?
Agent Gardiner: Uh-huh.
Kiera Cameron: What have we got to lose?

"Continuum: Second Chances (#2.1)" (2013/I)
Agent Gardiner: You're gonna answer some questions.
Kiera Cameron: About what?
Agent Gardiner: The city plaza bombing; about what happened afterwards. I saw you, I saw-... I saw you survive the explosion, the fireball... and then vanish.
Kiera Cameron: Yeah, that. I'm a stranded time traveler from the year 2077, using technology that hasn't even been invented yet.
Agent Gardiner: That's bullshit.
Kiera Cameron: So is there anything else you'd like to talk about?
Agent Gardiner: Yes. I want to know about the mayor, Liber8... Tell me about Alec Sadler.