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Airman Billy McCoy (Character)
from The Day After (1983) (TV)

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The Day After (1983) (TV)
Airman: [missiles from both sides are still en route] You know what that means, don't you? Either we fired first and they're going to try to hit what's left, or they fired first and we just got our missiles out of the ground in time. Either way, we're going to get hit.
Airman Billy McCoy: So what are we still standing around here for?
Sergeant: Where do you want to go?
Airman Billy McCoy: Well, how about out of here for starters? I've got to get my wife and my kid!
Sergeant: We're still on alert, Billy! No one leaves this facility. Not until the choppers get here to take us back to Whiteman and to the shelters...
Airman Billy McCoy: [cutting him off] Are you kidding me, man? The bombs will be here before the choppers will! Listen to me.
Airman: Damn!
Airman Billy McCoy: Listen to me, man. The war is over! It's over. We've done our job. So what are you still guarding? Huh? Some cotton-pickin' hole in the ground all dressed up and nowhere to go?
Airman: He's right!
Airman Tommy: What about Starr and Boyle?
Sergeant: What about them?
Airman Tommy: What are they doing?
Airman Billy McCoy: Yeah, they're 60 feet down, sipping on some cold beer and whistling "Misty"!
Airman Tommy: I'm going down there!
Sergeant: You can't go down there! That elevator is secure!
Airman Billy McCoy: Do you hear yourself talking, bozo? 'Cause I hear you saying that we've got direct orders to be sitting ducks!

Airman Billy McCoy: [points to corpses] See these people? That's us, man,if we don't get to Lawrence.

Airman Billy McCoy: Where you going?
Man from Leeton: Holden.
Airman Billy McCoy: Oh, yeah? How come?
Man from Leeton: P-People there.
Airman Billy McCoy: How do you know?
Man from Leeton: Man with a C.B. back in Leeton.
Airman Billy McCoy: You from Leeton? How's Sedalia?
[the man doesn't respond]
Airman Billy McCoy: I said, how's Sedalia?
Man from Leeton: There ain't no Sedalia. No Greenridge. No Windsor. No nothin'.