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Quotes for
Akai (Character)
from "Kite" (1998)

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Kite (2014)
Karl Aker: Looks like somebody used a landmine to clear the sinuses.

Sawa: What took you?
Karl Aker: Every tweezered brains out of ceiling tile?
Sawa: Where's my amp? I need my head cleared. I'm flashing.
Karl Aker: Your amp.
Sawa: That's all you could find?
Karl Aker: Two's already too many, if you ask me. Look at you, shaking from withdrawal.
[Sawa is fumbling with the amp injector]
Karl Aker: [Karl sighs] Listen to me, before this shit kicks in and you forget everything again. It's a nice Bolognese you made of Kratsov. Congratulations. But you left a witness.
Sawa: He was hurting her.
Karl Aker: Well now they know it's a girl, with access to police weapons. If the cops know it, sooner or later some rat in that corrupt department they call a security force sells it to the cartels.
Sawa: Kratsov made a call to his partner. There's a meeting in the safe zone with the Thornhills. I wrote it down. He's trolleying for the Thornhills. They're here to buy girls put on a shipment set up by the Emir. This is the Emir, Karl.It's what we've waited for.
Karl Aker: Look Sawa, I want to get these Deviants as badly as you do, but I'm looking out for you like your father would've wanted. I owe him that.

"Kite: Episode #1.2" (1998)
Oburi: Sorry, Akai, I hate to inconvenience you.
Akai: Oburi. Looks like you got something on your mind.
Oburi: Oh, fuck you! I should kill you right now, you son of a bitch!
[Oburi holds a knife to Akai's throat]
Akai: Just relax, kid.
Oburi: Relax? Who the fuck was that fat pig on the train?
Akai: Just a cop. Just some stupid fucking cop from the SWAT team. I thought Kanie told you that, I swear!
Oburi: Well, that cop had a piece. He tried to take me out!
Akai: Sorry kid. Maybe he didn't wanna die?
Oburi: Shut the fuck up Akai. I'm sick of your bullshit. You can kiss my ass goodbye. I'm out. And if you even try to come after me, I'll kill you.
Akai: Wait a minute. Aren't you forgetting about our little deal Oburi?
Oburi: Do it your damn self.
Akai: What about Sawa?
Oburi: She's coming with me.
Akai: I see.

Sawa: [about her red earring] I'm going back to look for it.
Akai: [Akai slaps Sawa] Someone spotted you at the scene, dammit!
Sawa: Why didn't you find it? You were supposed to find my earring!
Akai: You destroyed half the building, what the fuck did you expect? You're lucky I found the goddamn gun, fuck the earring.
Sawa: Those earrings are really important to me and you know that! They're my family! They're all I got left!
Akai: Get over it. You got another one.
Akai: Besides, we have a slightly larger problem to deal with now, thanks to you, you little fool. You killed the goddamn client, Sawa.
Sawa: Well, Mr. Kanie gave me the wrong information. It's not my fault.
Akai: I don't give a rat's ass!
Sawa: Then do it yourself from now on!
[Sawa runs out of the building]
Akai: Hey! Don't be gone to long, Sawa.

"Kite: Episode #1.1" (1998)
Akai: Come here, Sawa.
Sawa: I'm not in the mood.