Genya Ravan
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Genya Ravan (Character)
from CBGB (2013)

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CBGB (2013)
Genya Ravan: What the fuck it's that?
Cheetah Chrome: What?
Genya Ravan: Get rid of those fucking things.
Stiv Bators: They just stickers.
Genya Ravan: Hilly, your manager, the guy who is footing the bill for this, is Jewish. Me, your producer, I'm Jewish. And the guy who owns this studio, who is doing us a favor by letting us recording at this ridiculous prices, he's got numbers tattooed in his arm. Do you know what that means?
Cheetah Chrome: Not really.
Genya Ravan: Auschwitz. Hitler. Nazis. Now get rid of those fucking swastikas.