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Kate McReary (Character)
from Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)

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Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) (VG)
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Oh, there he is, Mr. fucking crazy man... you wanna beer?
Niko Bellic: No.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Good. 'Cause I ain't fucking got none.
Niko Bellic: Very funny. Maybe if being a drunkard doesn't work out you can be a comedian.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Fuck off... and you, Kate, fuck off outta here.
Kate McReary: But aren't you going to introduce us?
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Sure... this is Niko, some drug dealing de-fuckin'-generate from some armpit in Eastern Europe. That's my ma.
Maureen McReary: Nice to meet you.
Niko Bellic: Hi.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: And this is my sister. Lovely lass. Scared to bits of life. And fucking off outta here right now, before I throw a fuckin' bottle at her.
Maureen McReary: Patrick!
Niko Bellic: Nice to meet you.
Kate McReary: Likewise. See you around. Bye.
[Maureen and Kate leave]
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: What a girl! I think she likes you. Word to the wise, though - she don't put out. Which is convenient, 'cause if she did, I'd have to kill you.
Niko Bellic: Understood.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Good lad. You got any drugs on you, boy?
Niko Bellic: No.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Shit... well, probably a good thing... we got some business to take care of. Come on.

Kate McReary: Oh, hey, Niko.
Niko Bellic: Hey, Kate.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Get your fucking hands off my fucking sister, boy.
Kate McReary: We're talking, not having casual sex, Patrick... I pray after the amount of practice you've had you'd know the difference.
Patrick 'Packie' McReary: Sure, I know the difference. One leaves you feeling sad and empty and alone... and the other's casual sex!