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Quotes for
Betsy White (Character)
from "American Dad!" (2005)

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"American Dad!: Deacon Stan, Jesus Man (#1.7)" (2005)
Betsy: Gymnastics was a prison I'm finally free from. Now that I'm an unwed teenaged mother, the world is my oyster.

Steve Smith: Hi, Betsy. Steve Smith. We were in first grade together - before you Ieft for gymnastics camp.
Betsy: Steve! Great to see you again.
Steve Smith: Are you still into the juice and crackers thing?
Betsy: No. I'm on an ultra-strict diet. I can only eat what Coach Béla Kàrolyi approves.
[holds up glass of water with a lemon wedge]
Bela Karolyi: [Horrified] Lemon wedge? Fatty wants a lemon wedge? *Here's* your precious lemon wedge!
[rubs whole lemon into Betsy's face]