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Quotes for
Casper Cutler (Character)
from "Jane" (1982)

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"Jane: Episode #2.1" (1984)
Jane: Have you seen a naval commander?
Casper Cutler: Questions, questions, why does everybody ask me questions? Are you a passenger?
Jane: Is that a question?
Casper Cutler: There you go again!

Jane: My name is Jane. I'm looking for this Naval Commander and his manservant Tombs. Are you satisfied now?
Casper Cutler: No I'm not. They told me I'd be the only passenger.
Jane: [surprised] That's what they told us.
Casper Cutler: Ridiculous. How can three of you be an only passenger?

"Jane: Episode #2.4" (1984)
Pola Pagola: Is she safely tied up?
Casper Cutler: Yes of course she is. It's so cold in those dungeons.
Pola Pagola: Then drink some coffee and keep quiet!

Casper Cutler: They kicked me and took my beautiful knife.
Pola Pagola: Just as well. Otherwise, I would have slit your throat.

"Jane: Episode #2.3" (1984)
Pola Pagola: Imbiciles! Can you do nothing right?
Casper Cutler: How was I to know he was going to throw the soap on the floor? And I was going to stab him so beautifully...

"Jane: Episode #2.5" (1984)
Casper Cutler: You know, I'm not cut out for this spying business. I'm a simple assassin at heart.