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Quotes for
Linda (Character)
from Wife vs. Secretary (1936)

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Wife vs. Secretary (1936)
Linda: Well, after all, Van, she is an uncommonly good-looking girl. I don't know of anyone in our crowd who's as attractive, and people aren't willing to believe that looks go with brains.
Van: Well, one of the smallest troubles we've ever had, Linda, is caring what other people think.

[kisses Linda while her eyes are closed]
Van: Guess who!
Linda: Hmm... Simpson?
Van: No!
[kisses her again]
Van: Try again!
Linda: Finny.
Van: No!
[kisses her again]
Van: Try again!
Linda: I give up.
[opens her eyes as they laugh and embrace]
Linda: Oh! It's a husband!

Linda: The world's divided into two kinds of people: those who believe that bow tie ends should be sticking out, and those who don't. Personally, I'm very tolerant, ask anybody. But anyone who believes a bow tie end should stick out should be deported from this country.