Marty Huggins
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Biography for
Marty Huggins (Character)
from The Campaign (2012)

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Marty is a mawkish man married with children who has been selected to run for U.S. Congress against Will Farrell's character. Marty's dad was a one time aid to Racist U.S. Senator Jesse Helms and though Marty's dad is retired he is considered to be a prime scion of political talent in NC. His brother, the other son, a true blue blood is passed over for Marty's character because he's more beatable-clearly-or is he? Marty has to be coached by a pit bull political consultant whose a cross between Marine Drill Instructor and a Cut Throat Lobbyist who changes not only his persona, but the image of his family, transforming them from the Waltons on modern day Main St to the Kennedy's on K Street! Marty learns the art of nasty campaigning from the blue dog Democrat whisperer.

Marty learns it is not who kisses the baby first, it whose fist hits the baby first ("Black Hawk Down")! Farrell's character believes that "if its a rocking don't come a-knocking." But he's knocked off his pedestal of entitlement via incumbency by two greedy Republicans played by Dan Akryod and John Lithgow aka the Motch Brothers, who are mad that Farrell's recent faux paus involving an answer machine and lewd description of kinky sex, is too risky and that their evil in-source schemes to bring Chinese production to NC to save money in the supply chain will be exposed.

Marty Huggins is the typical blue collar married man who is trying to support a family who is not savvy about politics but who has been patiently waiting for his big break his whole life!! His indoctrination to the in and outs of the southern manifesto takes a lambast at political hegemony and makes John Locke, Abraham Lincoln, and Thomas Paine, laugh out loud from feeling the pain of Government for the people and not by the people.

The Campaign is all about dirty politics and learning the true value of victory lies in the heartland of the soul. The exit polls as Marty discovered does not always project the winner but voting equipment manufactured by the Motch Brothers does!

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