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Cindy Ornette (Character)
from "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo" (1996)

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"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: Eye of the Storm (#2.2)" (1997)
Cindy Ornette: You saw how she reacted when she tried on the watch, she loved it.
Noah Allen: Yeah, so did Shelby, I don't see anybody accusing her!
Shelby Woo: Come on, cut it out. Noah's right, we have to look at all possible suspects. Now who was in the room?
Cindy Ornette: The magician and his wife were by the door.
Noah Allen: There was the junior weatherman, he was making his documentary.
Shelby Woo: And Melanie, they were all in the room.
Cindy Ornette: But Melanie was the only one close enough to see the combination.

Cindy Ornette: Melanie! Noah! Sorry. I really messed that one up.
Shelby Woo: I wasn't much help myself. There's only one thing we can do.
Cindy Ornette, Shelby Woo: Figure out who did it.

Shelby Woo: Where do you think Melanie is?
Cindy Ornette: She's not in here.
Shelby Woo: Maybe someone put her under the bed.
Cindy Ornette: I'm not looking under there.

Cindy Ornette: [encountering Noah in the dark] Geez Noah! Do you have to lurk?
Noah Allen: I'm not LURKING, I was coming to help.
Cindy Ornette: Well don't sneak up on us. There's a crazy attacker person around here.
Shelby Woo: And they've already taken out Melanie.
Noah Allen: Yeah, just as she was about to reveal who did it.
Cindy Ornette: Who could it have been?
Shelby Woo: I don't know, but whoever did it is still in this house.

Det. Whit Hineline: Did you find her?
Cindy Ornette: She's not upstairs.
Gina Michaels: Not here either.
Chase Cavanaugh: Well maybe she ran out into the storm.
Shelby Woo: No, I thought of that, but if she opened a door, water would've come in here. And all the floors are dry.
Det. Whit Hineline: And I checked out back, there's nothing.
Noah Allen: Well she couldn't have just disappeared.
Shelby Woo: [looks to the magician box] Oh yeah?
[opens it up and Melanie falls out, unconscious]

Cindy Ornette: That crowd is really getting scary.
Shelby Woo: And the mystery is getting more complicated too. Who has a reason to steal the watch?
Cindy Ornette: Chase's funding is about to run out, he could use the money.
Shelby Woo: So could Gina and Alex, they want to stop traveling and open a magic shop.
Cindy Ornette: What about Elizabeth Guthrie? She's a little odd.
Noah Allen: Why would she steal her own watch?
Shelby Woo: Because she told me that when she can't figure out what to write, she likes to put unsuspecting people in the same situation as her characters.
Cindy Ornette: You mean she may just be using us all as guinea pigs for some plot?
Noah Allen: Great, so everybody has a motive.
Cindy Ornette: Nobody had any access.
Shelby Woo: Well someone had to have, because someone got in there.

Cindy Ornette: You were hiding candy?
Alexander Michaels: I'm supposed to be on a diet and I didn't want my wife to know about it.

Melanie Turner: We better set the fridge on high, get everything nice and cold in case the power goes out later.
Shelby Woo: Ooh, good idea.
Cindy Ornette: You want me to fill up the bathtubs with water?
Shelby Woo: What?
Cindy Ornette: Extra drinking water, we can't have too much.
Shelby Woo: Exactly right.
Noah Allen: We're running out of plywood, so I'm thinking maybe the shutters, they'll be enough on the porch windows?
Shelby Woo: Yeah.

"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: The Alligator Mystery (#2.1)" (1997)
Cindy Ornette: 'Write a ten page paper on the animal of your choice.'
Noah Allen: Ten pages? I couldn't write ten pages on myself.
Cindy Ornette: Well you must include sections on habitat, mating and the digestive, respiratory, skeletal and circulatory systems.
Noah Allen: Well that'll help pad it, what're you going to do?
Cindy Ornette: Vampire bats, I've seen every vampire movie ever made, how different can it be?
Noah Allen: I guess I'll do the three-toed sloth.
Cindy Ornette: Why?
Noah Allen: Just like them.

Shelby Woo: I can't get my mind off this case; Shannon Gregors' mom identified the bracelet as her daughter's, so Detective Hineline's sending a team to drag the swamp.
Noah Allen: He's thinking...?
Cindy Ornette: Like, fed her to the alligators.

Cindy Ornette: 'The History of Dogs', 'Man's Best Friend', 'Those Doggone Dogs', I thought you were doing the three-toed sloth.
Noah Allen: I couldn't even find one article on them but there's many findings on dogs.
Cindy Ornette: Well these vampire bats are even better than vampires; did you know that their stomachs are specially adapted to a diet of blood?
Noah Allen: Ah, I've been looking for a pet.

Shelby Woo: Look what I found, it's an article about the opening of Gator World and it mentions that family that lived in the swamp, the Destreys.
Cindy Ornette: Hmm, 'The opening ceremony was disrupted by the Destrey family, who fired several rounds of ammunition at the Gator World sign, and disappeared into the swamp.'
Noah Allen: They're a handsome bunch.
Cindy Ornette: Well I guess fashion isn't a priority when you live in a swamp.
Shelby Woo: People say they never left.
Cindy Ornette: Maybe they come out at night to make sure nobody trespasses on their land.
Shelby Woo: Yeah! Maybe the Destreys got Shannon!
Noah Allen: This paper's from 1946, wouldn't they all be dead?
Shelby Woo: Probably, except this little girl Maude, she could still be alive.

Cindy Ornette: This is a pawn shop, where's the poker game?
Noah Allen: No, in "Guys and Dolls" they move the dice game around so that the cops couldn't find them, I'll bet you that's what Rench does.
Cindy Ornette: Mmmm, good thinking!

Shelby Woo: Thanks for going to see Alfred Rench for me.
Noah Allen: Don't worry about it, but I think you can pretty much rule him out as a suspect.
Alfred Rench: [suspect video playback] You see Shannon, you tell her I want my money!
Cindy Ornette: Yeah, he really thinks she's alive.
Shelby Woo: I know, the more I think about McBride, the less guilty he seems. I mean if you fed an old fiancee to the alligators, and a detective was asking you questions, wouldn't you at least pretend to be concerned about her?
Benjamin McBride: [suspect video playback] I don't know, and I don't care!
Cindy Ornette: Well than that leaves Maude Destrey.
Shelby Woo: I know, but if Maude Destrey makes a habit of feeding people to the gators, why did she save me?

Noah Allen: [getting his rollerblades off] Just a second, I've got a knot.
Cindy Ornette: Hurry Noah, the library closes soon.
Noah Allen: Look, if I could take off the skate without doing the lace, I would, but I can't, can I?
Shelby Woo: No you can't! I've got it! The shoe! The shoe I found in the swamp! The laces were tied all the way up and the bow was double knotted, the shoe couldn't have fallen off Shannon Gregor!
Noah Allen: And if the alligators had eaten her, they would've eaten the shoe too.
Shelby Woo: Right!
Cindy Ornette: But then how did it get in the swamp?
Shelby Woo: Well someone must've put it there! And I think I know who it is!

"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: The Hot Dog Mystery" (????)
Tim: [in the nurse's office sick] I'll never trust that cafeteria food again.
Cindy Ornette: I didn't trust it to begin with.
Cindy Ornette: Oh, and today our relationship got worse.

Shelby Woo: I polled all the kids in the hall, and the one thing they all ate was hot dogs.
Noah Allen: Oh man, I had like 11 of those.
Cindy Ornette: 11 hot dogs?
Noah Allen: Yeah, well they were plain and there was no bun or ketchup.
Cindy Ornette: 11?
Noah Allen: There was wagering involved, ask Tim.
Tim: We paid a dollar a dog.
Noah Allen: I think I'm gonna explode.
Cindy Ornette: Better not explode on me. Lean that way, Noah
[shoves him and knocks him off the desk]

Cindy Ornette: What's in a hot dog anyway? It's a mystery meat, you ever read the label? It says meat by-products, what's that? Hooves and nostrils?

Shelby Woo: Detective Hineline says that the hot dogs may have been bad when they arrived at the school, but I think it was probably a deliberate act. There are too many suspicious clues: the freezer was broken into, and the hot dog box was open.
Noah Allen: But didn't the manager say the plastic seal wasn't even broken? I mean doesn't that mean that the hot dogs weren't tampered with?
Shelby Woo: Maybe they tampered with the pots that the hot dogs were boiled in.
Noah Allen: Yes! And you know who would've done that? Big Betty, the dishwasher lady, she is, she's scary. I mean you ever see the way she glares? I've thought for years that she secretly hates kids.
Cindy Ornette: That is so mean. Betty Shakerford has good reason to glare at those kids, they're always handing her trays heaped with mashed potato art or plates glued to the trays. And what about having to scrub pots in scalding water?
Shelby Woo: Yeah, if I were her, I would definitely hate kids.

Noah Allen: [locked in the cafeteria freezer] What're we gonna do?
Cindy Ornette: We could freeze to death!
Shelby Woo: Or run out of air!
Noah Allen: Which one do you think will happen first?
Shelby Woo: Well when we get out we can check the owner's manual, come on, we better jog to keep warm.
Cindy Ornette: Wait a second, if we run we'll use up more oxygen!
Shelby Woo: Well we have to do something!
Noah Allen: I hate exercise, maybe we can all, I don't know, snuggle?
[Shelby and Cindy glare at him, starts jogging in place]
Noah Allen: I don't know how long I can keep this up.
Cindy Ornette: Maybe if you'd cut back on the junk food you'd be in better shape.
Noah Allen: What are you, the Surgeon General?

Noah Allen: [locked in the cafeteria freezer] What time do the kitchen staff get here?
Shelby Woo: I think one of them is already here. The hand that pushed me back in had a latex glove on, a glove just like the kitchen ladies wear.
Noah Allen: Yes! Yes! I know, it's Big Betty! She frightens me.
Cindy Ornette: She must've been hiding here and when we were getting close to some evidence, and she wanted us out of her way!
Noah Allen: She probably wants to get put us out of her way for good! In fact, she's probably outside right now sharpening up a big meat cleaver so she can come in here and chop us all up and put us into Monday's meatloaf!
Cindy Ornette: I want to be a vegetarian!
Shelby Woo: Big Betty may hate kids, but I doubt she
[door opens, they turn and scream]

"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: Two Faced (#2.7)" (1997)
Shelby Woo, Cindy Ornette: [Leo enters the house] Noah!
Cindy Ornette: Noah, you had us scared to death!
Shelby Woo: Sit down! Did they attack you? What's with the glasses?
Det. Whit Hineline: Did you get a good look at them?
Leo Mitchell: [sees May] There you are! Mother!
May Mitchell: How was your trip, darling? Where are your bags, Leo?
Shelby Woo, Cindy Ornette, Mike 'Grandpa' Woo, Det. Whit Hineline: Leo?
Mike 'Grandpa' Woo: Excuse me, Doctor Mitchell, do you know this young man?
May Mitchell: Well of course, he's my son, Leo Mitchell. He just came back from, let's see, the chess championships in Geneva.
Leo Mitchell: No no, that was last week, this week I was studying the migratory habits of the Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, you know, they stink like you wouldn't believe.
Cindy Ornette: You do all that?
Leo Mitchell: When my academic schedule allows it, who's Noah?

Cindy Ornette: [about Leo] You don't think...
Shelby Woo: Well what other explanation is there?
Det. Whit Hineline: A young man was kidnapped tonight.
Cindy Ornette: A good friend of ours.
May Mitchell: Oh no.
Shelby Woo: His name is Noah, he and your son could be twins.
Cindy Ornette: Except for the clothes.
Mike 'Grandpa' Woo: Oh and that hair.
Det. Whit Hineline: And the glasses.
Shelby Woo: And the traveling, Noah barely moves.
May Mitchell: Oh your poor friend... oh! Surely you don't think...
Shelby Woo: I think someone grabbed Noah when they meant to kidnap your son.

May Mitchell: I have to drop off the ransom money at 3 o' clock in three days.
Leo Mitchell: Three days?
Shelby Woo: What's wrong?
Leo Mitchell: That's when Mother's supposed to make her presentation about the vaccine to the grant committee.
Shelby Woo: Wait, what if, what if the kidnapping is not about the money? What if it's about ruining your chances at getting funded for your research?
May Mitchell: Why would anyone want to stop the progress on a new vaccine?
Shelby Woo: Well I know three people who could benefit, and they're all under one roof: this one. Dr. Shortino wants that grant money pretty badly, if you can't go, he clinches it.
May Mitchell: But he's so kind, Shelby. Even if he isn't much of a scientist.
Shelby Woo: Maybe that kindness is just an act. We also know how desperate Nadine is to get her hands on your vaccine for Zolmax. And Greg...
Leo Mitchell: Oh, he not only lost a good job as your research assistant.
May Mitchell: He also lost his scientific reputation.
Shelby Woo: Revenge is a powerful motive.
Leo Mitchell: Cindy said that there were two people in the car.
Cindy Ornette: That's right, maybe Greg and Nadine are working together.
Shelby Woo: Or maybe the kidnapper hired someone to help.

"The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo: Hot Seats: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1996)
Shelby Woo: All along I thought that whoever switched Benny's tickets sold them and kept the money. But it turns out that those seats were empty, except for one, someone wanted those seats empty. And I don't know how to explain this.
[hands Noah the wrapper]
Noah Allen: Well which part do you need explained? The thick creamy nougat or the crispy wispy wafers?
[Shelby turns the wrapper around, showing the map]
Noah Allen: Some sort of diagram.
Cindy Ornette: It was in our seats right next to the air vent.
Shelby Woo: The air vent! I overheard an important clue and completely forgot it. I bet whoever left that note climbed in the air vent by our seats.
Cindy Ornette: That's why they wanted all those seats empty.
Shelby Woo: And this diagram must be a map of the ventilation system.
Noah Allen: Yeah, alright here's what we don't know, what any of this means!
Shelby Woo: All I know is this is starting to look a lot bigger than a bunch of tickets stolen from Benny.