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Quotes for
Rob (Character)
from Surf's Up (2007)

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Surf's Up (2007)
Rob: Dig this, Sal. Section behind me, it's called The Boneyards. Very few surfers have ventured in there and come out alive.
SPEN Announcer: Are you trying to telling me people have died here?
Rob: That's right, Sal.
SPEN Announcer: A moment of silence for them... And we keep it moving!

Rob: How's it feel to win, Joe?
Chicken Joe: I won?

Rob: I don't believe this. This contest was Maverick's to win. Now Evans pushing Maverick out of bounds and into the Bone Yards.
Cody Maverick: Tank, look out.
Tank Evans: You look out.
Big Z: Code!
Cody Maverick: Z!
Big Z: Cody, come on!
Cody Maverick: Z!
Big Z: Paddle! Come on! Dig! Faster! Come on. Dig! Dig!
[sees a wave coming]
Big Z: Don't dig! Don't dig!
Cody Maverick: What?
Big Z: Let the wave carry you, Cody. You're gonna have to time it! You're gonna come right here. Right to me. Five... four...
Cody Maverick: Three... two... one... Z!