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Quotes for
Neil (Character)
from Thanks for Sharing (2012)

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Thanks for Sharing (2012)
Neil: No Dede, don't. Where are you?
Dede: Outside his place.
Neil: What? No!
Dede: I can't help it.
Neil: Alright. Listen to me, okay? I want you to turn around and go someplace safe. What's near you?
[Dede pauses to think]
Neil: [shouts] Think!
Dede: Okay, f**k! The salon where I work is pretty close.
Neil: Where is it? TELL ME!
Dede: Damn, dude. You just got all Jack Bauer on me.

Neil: Wow! You, like, literally transplanted a baby's butt on my face.

Neil: Hi mom, I'm a little busy right now.
Roberta: That's funny, because I wasn't too busy to give birth to you 28 years ago.

Neil: I got fired yesterday for filming up my boss's skirt.
Neil: I told her it was for a documentary called what the ground sees.
[Everyone chuckles]
Neil: Oddly enough, she didn't buy it.

Cabbie: Hey, move your shit fat girl.
Neil: I'm a guy, asshole.
[Pounds on the cab]
Neil: a fat guy.

Adam: Dude, you really are Anthony Edwards.
Neil: Fuck that. I'm George Clooney.