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Biography for
Fire Warlord (Character)
from Supreme Warrior (1995) (VG)

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FULL NAME: Hatu, Fire Warlord of the Hunan Province

ALSO KNOWN AS: Scourge of the Wazuzi

FIGHTING STYLE: Kung Fu, Animal styles

SPECIAL SKILLS: The Fire Warlord's fighting style is eclectic, incorporating moves from many disciplines. He moves quickly and agilely like a leopard and has mastered all the animal styles of Kung Fu. He mesmerizes his adversaries with snake-like arm movements, but watch out for his kicks.

His most deadly kick, the LEOPARD STRIKE, has been known to separate an opponent's head from his body.

You must also be careful not to get caught by the Fire Warlord's FIREBALL.

VULNERABILITY: Prince Hatu is overconfident. He will taunt you by leaving open first one side face, then the other. Hit him with a hook when that happens.

BIOGRAPHY: Fire was born Hatu of the Wazuzi tribe on the island of Jiaman (also known as the "Island of Fire"). The Wazuzi tribe worshipped Atianabe, their God of Fire. It was written that the one who could withstand the fire and power of Atianabe in the Inchas mountains for three days would be the rightful leader of the Wazuzi. From the time Hatu was an infant, he was bathed in boiling hot water - preparing him, one day, for this test. Hatu had a secret plan. He wanted no only to survive the test of the fire but to stay beyond the three days so that he would become the most powerful man on Earth. As soon as Hatu reached adulthood, he climbed the Inchas mountains. After three days Hatu didn't return and the Wazuzi people, thinking that he had not survived the fire of Atianabe, were saddened. After two weeks passed, Hatu came down from the mountains of Inchas radiating like the sun, lava dripping from his hands. The villagers felt the power of Hatu, but something was wrong. The Wazuzi people soon learned that Hatu had become twisted by staying on the mountains of Inchas for so long. Instead of enduring the test, he had become possessed by the fire and was engulfed by the violent side of his nature. Hatu insisted on fighting all of the best warriors from the Wazuzi tribe. After learning their secret techniques, he killed these warriors while they slept.

Fire believed himself to be the most feared warrior on the face of the earth until a traveler came to the island of Jiaman. He told Fire that masters from other lands did not believe in his power and questioned his techniques. This infuriated the obsessed fighter, and so he agreed to go with the traveler to his homeland to eliminate these pretenders. This Machiavellian traveler, Fang Tu, learned the secrets of Fire's skills during this time and now uses them to great advantage in his quest to crush all opposition.

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