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Doctor G (Character)
from "Kamen Rider V3" (1973)

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Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012)
Doctor G: Show yourselves, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters!
Hiromu Sakurada: Who are you?
Doctor G: I am Doctor G. I am an elite Dai Shocker commander!
Ryuji Iwasaki: Never heard of you.
Yoko Usami: Guys who calls themselves elite really aren't.
Hiromu Sakurada: Just what is Dai Shocker?
Doctor G: In the world of Riders, it is a secret organization that unifies evil! And this great man is Dai Shockers's Great Leader! Kamen Rider Decade!
Hiromu Sakurada: Kamen Rider?

Captain Marvelous: You guys were the ones dancing in the palms of our hands!
Doctor G, Rider Hunter Silva: What?
Tsukasa Kadoya: When we found out you were starting a large plan to have Riders and Sentai destroy each other, we took the part of the leads.
Captain Marvelous: Quickly carrying it out would let us know what your plan is.
Tsukasa Kadoya: So it's to combine the evil forts from Riders and Sentai to create the greatest, wickedest Big Machine.
Captain Marvelous: Such an unbelievable treasure, we're going to smash it to bits!
Doctor G: You fools! How are you going to smash it?
Rider Hunter Silva: There's no more Riders or Sentai members to left to fight us!
Captain Marvelous: Oh really?

Doctor G: So you guys didn't die...
Kamen Rider 1: It was all a plan created by Tsukasa and Marvelous.
Akarenger: We pretended to die, but were actually waiting in the dimensional gap!
Kamen Rider OOO: So that we superheroes could finish you guys off!
Doctor G: What a dirty trick! And you call yourselves heroes?
Tsukasa Kadoya: To defeat evil, I will drag my face through mud if needed. That is what a true hero is.
Doctor G: Decade! Just who are you?
Tsukasa Kadoya: Just a passing through Kamen Rider. Remember that.