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Hannah McKay (Character)
from "Dexter" (2006)

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"Dexter: Helter Skelter (#7.9)" (2012)
[first lines]
Dexter Morgan: [narrating] There are no two stronger human emotions than fear and love. In many ways, they're not so different. Both can make you do crazy things - tell your own brother you're in love with him, put your own life at risk to hunt down the man who took away your beloved.
Hannah McKay: [white knuckled at back of boat] Could you maybe not do that turny thing?
Dexter Morgan: How you doing back there?
Hannah McKay: Oh, you know, I'm fine.
Dexter Morgan: [narrating] Or do something that scares you to death because you may be in love.
Hannah McKay: Oooh! I didn't think it was gonna be this choppy.

Jurg Yeliashkevych: It would be a shame to have to kill you after such a lovely meal.
Hannah McKay: Well, let's hope that doesn't have to happen. In case you want some more...
Jurg Yeliashkevych: [starts gagging] Water!
Hannah McKay: I'm sorry, Grams always went heavy on the pepper.
[reaches for a water carafe and smashes it over his head]

[last lines]
Hannah McKay: [in hospital bed] God, you're shaking.
Dexter Morgan: When you asked me on my boat if I'd ever been scared like that, I have. Twice. When I was three, seeing my mother murdered. And when I realized these past few days that I might never see you again.
Hannah McKay: Well, that wasn't so hard, was it?
Dexter Morgan: [sighing] I don't know. I'm not sure what this is, exactly. Or what's coming. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be, out of my control. All I know is that when I'm with you, I feel safe.

"Dexter: Chemistry (#7.7)" (2012)
Hannah McKay: You know, my grandma has this saying. "Trust those who seek the truth, but doubt those who say that they have found it." My grandma wasn't ever wrong.

[first lines]
Dexter Morgan: Chemistry. I've heard some people have it. An attraction that can't be quantified or explained. Is that the reason behind this... loss of control? Maybe the desire to get Hannah on my table was just a way to deny the effect she has on me. So now what?
Hannah McKay: [suddenly knife to his throat] How do you like it?
Dexter Morgan: Not much.
Hannah McKay: You do this to all the girls that you go out with? Wrap them up in plastic?
Dexter Morgan: I don't actually go out.
Hannah McKay: So then, what? This whole date thing was just a way to get me alone so you can kill me? Why?
Dexter Morgan: It's what I do.
Hannah McKay: You kill people...
Dexter Morgan: Bad people.
Hannah McKay: So, you think I'm bad...
Dexter Morgan: You - you fit the general description.
Hannah McKay: You have no idea.
[passionate kissing]

Dexter Morgan: What happened to the baby?
Hannah McKay: It was a miscarriage. Sometimes life subtracts, sometimes it adds. Do you realize what happened? We were looking out for each other. That's big for people like us, maybe even historic.

"Dexter: Do You See What I See? (#7.11)" (2012)
Debra Morgan: What the hell are you doing here? Don't tell me we're fucking neighbors now.
Hannah McKay: I'm not here to fight with you or trade insults.
Debra Morgan: That's a good thing, 'cause you probably wouldn't last one round.

[last lines]
Debra Morgan: Hannah McKay, you're under arrest for the murder of Sal Price.
Hannah McKay: [handcuffs clinking] You should have killed me.
Dexter Morgan: [narrating] I should know better than to count on the future. All you can ever believe in is now this moment. Because in a blink everything can change.

"Dexter: Surprise, Motherfucker! (#7.12)" (2012)
[first lines]
Hannah McKay: [in jail visiting room] You look like you got some sun.
Dexter Morgan: The boat. They treating you well?
Hannah McKay: I get ten minutes outside. My cellmate seems nice. She robbed a liquor store so she could buy some meth.
Dexter Morgan: Look, you have every right to...
Hannah McKay: You said that you loved me.
Dexter Morgan: I do.
Hannah McKay: Then why am I here?
Dexter Morgan: You poisoned Debra!

Hannah McKay: [whispering in court] You're the Lieutenant of Homicide and you wear a big shiny badge, and yet you know exactly what your brother is. Don't worry. I'm not gonna tell anyone. They wouldn't believe me even if I did. But knowing that you have to live with it is, um, punishment enough. Still, I'm curious. How do you justify arresting me and not him? Or is the law just something that you make up as you go along? Turning a blind eye whenever you feel like it, or whenever Dexter is involved.
Debra Morgan: Fuck you. You are a liar and a killer.
Hannah McKay: But not a hypocrite.

"Dexter: Do the Wrong Thing (#7.6)" (2012)
Hannah McKay: Why don't you just save us both the trouble and spit it out.
Dexter Morgan: I want to take you out.
Hannah McKay: On a date? That'll work.

[last lines]
Dexter Morgan: [with Hannah strapped to his table] When I said I wanted to "take you out", this is what I meant. You said you wanted to see the snow. This is what keeps me up at night. This is what I long for. This is what I need to fill my emptiness.
Hannah McKay: Do what you gotta do.
Dexter Morgan: [suddenly cuts the plastic sheeting open]
Hannah McKay: Dexter! Oh!
[both moaning and panting]

"Dexter: The Dark... Whatever (#7.10)" (2012)
Dexter Morgan: A lot of people feel like they want to kill somebody, but I have to follow through.
Hannah McKay: I follow through, and I don't have a Dark Passenger.

Clint McKay: I'd like to make an orange juice toast to the cutest damn couple I have ever seen - outside of me and Bubba in prison.
Hannah McKay: [laughs]
Clint McKay: That's just a little joke.

"Dexter: Are We There Yet? (#8.8)" (2013)
Dexter Morgan: I can't have him out there in the world.
Hannah McKay: He's a problem you have to solve. I was a problem you had to solve too, and I escaped. How come you never tried to find me?
Dexter Morgan: And do what?
Hannah McKay: Solve the problem.
Dexter Morgan: I liked knowing you were out there.

Hannah McKay: So what brilliant turn of phrase have you come up with to describe me? The evil temptress? Passionate poisoner?
Dexter Morgan: Fiendish florist.

"Dexter: A Little Reflection (#8.6)" (2013)
[last lines]
Debra Morgan: Maybe the Morgans just aren't meant for relationships.
Dexter Morgan: Yeah, maybe not. But hey, life is good. You know, I'm feeling optimistic for the first time in a while. I'm even thinking about taking on a kind of... intern.
Debra Morgan: Hmm. Well, that's a big step for you, right? Letting some novice into your private lab.
Dexter Morgan: Yeah. Hey, are you okay?
Debra Morgan: I don't feel so good.
Dexter Morgan: What's wrong?
Debra Morgan: I feel kind of dizzy.
[collapses on couch]
Dexter Morgan: Deb?
Hannah McKay: [appearing at the door] Hello, Dexter. Remember me?

"Dexter: Argentina (#7.8)" (2012)
Hannah McKay: I know that we decided to never see each other again. So I just want you to know that if last night was a one-night thing for you, then I'm okay with that.
Dexter Morgan: Okay.
Hannah McKay: But if you want to never see each other again tomorrow night, then I'm okay with that too.
Dexter Morgan: Okay.
Hannah McKay: You're very agreeable.
Dexter Morgan: Yep.

"Dexter: Remember the Monsters? (#8.12)" (2013)
[last lines]
Hannah McKay: [in Argentinian cafe, reads newspaper headline about Dexter's death]
Hannah McKay: [taking Harrison by the hand] Hey, uh, how about we go get some ice cream, yeah?
Harrison Morgan: Okay.
Hannah McKay: Yeah. Come on...

"Dexter: Make Your Own Kind of Music (#8.9)" (2013)
[first lines]
Dexter Morgan: [in bed] I just want to stay here with you.
Hannah McKay: I know, but you can't. Dexter, I'm so sorry about Zach. I know how much he meant to you.
Dexter Morgan: I need to see Dr. Vogel and figure out our next move. You should stay here, inside, out of view.
Hannah McKay: But I have to see Arlene this afternoon after her shift.
Dexter Morgan: Why?
Hannah McKay: It's not safe for me to draw money out of Maggie Castner's bank account anymore. The only money I have is what I've been sending away to Arlene to hold for me. And I'm gonna need that money to start a new life.
Dexter Morgan: Okay.
Hannah McKay: "Be careful." I know.
Dexter Morgan: Actually I was gonna say, "I love you."
Hannah McKay: I love you too.