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Quotes for
Warren DeMontague (Character)
from "Greg the Bunny" (2002)

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"Greg the Bunny: Greg Gets Puppish (#1.4)" (2002)
Warren DeMontague: You guys cover your asses faster than the new guy in D-block.

"Greg the Bunny: Piddler on the Roof (#1.9)" (2002)
Gil Bender: [Gil is trying to find out who urinated in the network representative's car during a party] Who's the comic genius who took a wiz in Alison's car last night?
Dottie Sunshine: Oh my God, that's horrible.
Warren DeMontague: Well, I can't believe it. Who could be so immature?
Junction Jack: Well, at least she has, uh, bucket seats.
[laughter from the crew]
Gil Bender: Look, I'm serious. Whoever did this, you're in big trouble.
Count Blah: You said "urine"... blah.
[more laughter]
Gil Bender: I'm not kidding. She's really pissed. OK, OK, y'know what, laugh. But you'll be caught eventually.
Tardy Turtle: [in his characteristic, slow, dim-witted delivery] He said e-ven-tual-ly! Eeeeeh.