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Sheriff Blubs (Character)
from "Gravity Falls" (2012)

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"Gravity Falls: Gideon Rises (#1.20)" (2012)
Grunkle Stan: [Arrives at crash scene in time before Dipper and Mabel's arrest] Wait, wait stop everything! I've got something to say!
Sheriff Blubs: Not this guy, again
Grunkle Stan: Just wait look. You guys all think Gideon is so perfect and honest, "Oh, I could never tell a lie, I'm Gideon."
Sheriff Blubs: He's more honest then you.
Deputy Durland: Yeah, and he's psychic too.
Grunkle Stan: How's this for psychic? Bam!
[Stan kicks a part of the Gideon Robot, showing a screening room]
Grunkle Stan: Take a good look.
Lazy Susan: Wait a minute, is that me?
Lazy Susan: [Susan on screening room monitor] The secret ingredient to my coffee omelette, is coffee.
Toby Determined: [Another monitor shows Toby lifting his shirt in front of a doctor] And me.
Additional Voices: I can verify that that birth mark is indeed disgusting.
Toby Determined: Hooray.
[Other towns people notice that their on Gideon's monitors]
Grunkle Stan: That's right, these pins are hidden cameras, and my hearing aid was picking up the feedback. Who's the fraud now?

Dipper Pines: [after Gideon tells everyone that Dipper and Mabel tried to kill him] Officers, he's lying!
Sheriff Blubs: Sorry kids, but we trust Gideon. And nothing short of a miracle could ever change our.
[Sheriff Blubs is interrupted when Grunkle Stan drives up to rescue Dipper and Mabel]