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Joe White (Character)
from "Hawaii Five-0" (2010)

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"Hawaii Five-0: Ha'i'ole (#2.1)" (2011)
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Let me guess: the Governor had it coming.
Steve McGarrett: Hmph. You didn't have to come down here, sir.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Do you guys have a dossier on this Wo Fat character?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Jenna Kaye does. She used to work for the CIA.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Well, I'll try not to hold that against her.

Jenna Kaye: [to her cellphone] What happened?... Yeah. I'll -I'll tell him right now.
[to White]
Jenna Kaye: McGarrett escaped from prison.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Patience was never his strong suit.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [after the gunfire exchange and killing a suspect] I'm Joe.
Kono Kalakaua: I'm Kono!
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Nice shot Kono!

[last lines]
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Everything alright?
Steve McGarrett: No. We need to talk to Victor Hesse. Whatever deal Wo Fat is making with my father, he might know somethin' about it.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: In the thirty-four years I knew your father, I saw him cry twice. At your mother's funeral, and the day he sent you away. He was a good man.

"Hawaii Five-0: Ka Hakaka Maika'i (#2.6)" (2011)
Steve McGarrett: There something I should know?
Kensi Blye: Um, basically I owe Joe one. He pulled some strings and got me out of a sticky situation in Jakarta. So uh, yeah, you can trust me.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: You weren't supposed to be in Jakarta.
Kensi Blye: You weren't supposed to *know* I was in Jakarata.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Point taken.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [about Kensi Blye] Steve, she's young enough to be my daughter.
Steve McGarrett: You know something Joe, she kind of reminds me of wife number 2. Tall, dark, lethal. Seems to be your type.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Sorry, you're breaking up.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I'll stop asking those questions when you tell me about Shelbourn... What does it mean?
Wo Fat: You've done more work than I could've imagined, old man... Would you do me a favor?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: What's that?
Wo Fat: Tell John McGarrett that his son will be along soon enough.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [after finding Mokoto's body] We did this.
Steve McGarrett: What?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Our questions got Mokoto killed.
Steve McGarrett: No, Joe, Wo Fat started this. And I plan to finish it.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: You continue to go down this road, son, you gotta ask yourself. How many more lives is that going to cost?

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [introducing Steve to Kensi] You can trust her.
Kensi Blye: [semi-seriously] You sure about that?

"Hawaii Five-0: Pahele (#2.11)" (2011)
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I spent half my life serving my country, and I'm proud of it. No regrets.

Captain Grant Mathews: You engaged an enemy who outnumbered and outarmed you and you were victorious?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Yes, sir. "Adapt and overcome." That's our motto.
Captain Grant Mathews: And you entered hostile territory on a decommissioned helicopter that by most estimates would be considers unmaneuverable let alone battle ready?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I had the help of an experienced civilian pilot, sir.
Captain Grant Mathews: You're saying you proceeded without the aide of any other active members of the military?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Yes, sir.
Captain Grant Mathews: Lt. Commander, under most circumstances, I would be pinning a Silver Star on your lapel. Unfortunately, those are not the circumstances we find ourselves in today. Is there anything, you'd like to say in your defense?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Lt. Commander McGarrett was in trouble. I did what was needed to get him home. I would do it again if I had to.

Steve McGarrett: This my fault, Joe.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: No, my actions are my responsibility. So how about you treat me to a shrimp jumbalaya, and we'll call it square?
Steve McGarrett: Let me tell you something, okay? You're the only man on the planet who would see shrimp jambalya as a fair trade to the end of his career, you know that?

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [to his cellphone] It's me. We've got a problem. Steve is getting too close. We're going to have to move you.

"Hawaii Five-0: Kame'e (#2.3)" (2011)
Joe White: The island seemed like a - pretty good place to wind it down.
Steve McGarrett: The thing is, Joe, I mean you're not a - you're not a fun-in-the-sun hang loose aloha type.
Joe White: They let you stay.
Steve McGarrett: Yeah, they did.

Joe White: Hawaii's not exactly the place for IEDs.
Steve McGarrett: It is if you want to keep your investment safe.
[Points to a marijuana field]

Joe White: [Entering a Wade is training some Marines in a pool] You're getting soft in your old age Wade.
Commanding Officer Wade Gutches: Why don't you jump in and show 'em how it's done?

Danny 'Danno' Williams: So, what, you're not gonna tell me about Operation Strawberry Field?
Steve McGarrett: No.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: No? No. Cause you'd have to kill me, if you told me.
Steve McGarrett: [Glances at Danny] Keep thàt up.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Ahem. I'm just curious, though. Is there an Operation Abbey Road? Are you the Walrus?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: [Joe turns around and glares at Danny] Time to shut up?
Joe White: Roger that.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Okay.
Joe White: [Addresses everyone before entering Situation Room door] You ready for The Magical Mystery Tour?

"Hawaii Five-0: Alaheo Pau'ole (#2.12)" (2011)
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I know you took my passport.
Steve McGarrett: [handing said passport back] What are you doing in Japan?
[Joe doesn't answer]
Steve McGarrett: You know what, Joe? You might as well tell me. 'Cause I'm not gonna give up. I'm not gonna stop asking.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I was hoping you wouldn't say that.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I am telling you, son. I have run the name Shelburne through all my contacts: NSA, Interpol, FBI, CIA, DOD - every acronym you can think of. I have come up with exactly zero. Shelburne is a ghost.
Steve McGarrett: Yeah, well this ghost has Wo Fat spooked, okay? If we want to catch that son-of-a-bitch, finding Shelburne is the way to do it.

Steve McGarrett: Now hold on. Hold on a second. Isn't this a beach wedding, Chin? What's wrong with boardies and - and slippers?
Chin Ho Kelly: Mn-hm. Yeah. What's wrong with them, is that they do not match the bridesmaid's dresses.
Steve McGarrett: Oh.
Chin Ho Kelly: And for the record, Danny: neither do handcuffs.
Kamekona: I was gonna ask about those.
Steve McGarrett: Show 'em the Jersey slip, Danno.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I offered to shoot them off.
Kamekona: No key? No problem, brah.
[He takes neck chain off his neck]
Kamekona: Bring, bring, bring.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: [Danny extends his cuffed wrist to Kamekona, who proceeds to release the lock with a key on his neck chain] Wow!
[Everyone smiles]
Kamekona: It's an old island trick.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Impressive. Yeah.

Steve McGarrett: Do you know who Shelburne is, Joe?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Ask me another question.
Steve McGarrett: Do you or do you not know who Shelburne is?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I'm not gonna answer that... When your father sent you away, I promised to look after you, and that's a promise I intend to keep.
Steve McGarrett: Oh yeah? By lying to me?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: No. By containing this Shelburne thing before you get caught up in it.
Steve McGarrett: Just be careful.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Always am.

"Hawaii Five-0: Pu'olo (#2.14)" (2012)
Adam Noshimuri: He should've told me.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: He wanted to, but he knew that would only put you in jeopardy as well. His fight would become your fight. So he had to make a choice. Tell you the truth - risk your life or tell you a lie - keep you safe. You ask me, he chose wisely.
Adam Noshimuri: No. I need to see him. He wouldn't tell me where he is. But you're going to.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: No, I can't. I made Hiro a promise. What's important right now is that you proceed as if your father is dead. No one can know he's alive. But quietly, we will make inroads to Wo Fat's organization until we find him - and kill him.
Steve McGarrett: We just need to know if you're in or out.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Take it from me, writing an alimony check once a month is hard enough. But helping your ex through 12 hours of labor - that's above and beyond.

Steve McGarrett: Okay, all right, if it was an investigation into the Yakuza, then why does Wo Fat care so much about Shelburne.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Because Shelburne killed his father.
Steve McGarrett: And by Shelburne, you mean my father.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: No, it was me. I killed him.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: When your father died, there was nothing you wouldn't have done to find the man who killed him. It's the same with Wo Fat. He's driven by revenge. Nothing's going to stop him from coming after me.
Steve McGarrett: Okay, fine. We'll find him first and take him down, Joe. That's what we do.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: One day we will. We will. But right now, as long as I'm here, you and everyone you care about is in danger.

"Hawaii Five-0: Mea Makamae (#2.4)" (2011)
Joe White: Jambalaya's got some kick. Try it.
[Steve samples the Jambalaya. Steve starts coughing]
Steve McGarret: You've got a cast iron stomach. That should be weaponized.
[to Kamekona]
Steve McGarret: You got some water in there?
Kamekona: Sparkling or flat?
Steve McGarret: Seriously, I can't breathe right now. Anything.

Joe White: You need a paperbag or something?
Dr. Max Bergman: Oh. I'm sorry. It's just - this place is like my Graceland.
Joe White: Okay. But no souveinirs.

[last lines]
Steve McGarret: You never gave that video to the DOD, did you Joe?
Joe White: ...No.
Steve McGarret: You know what? I know he was your friend, but he was *my* father. Whatever it is you're trying to protect me from I can handle it. You understand me?
Joe White: Did you ever think that maybe you're not the only one I'm trying to protect?
Steve McGarret: What are you talking about?
Joe White: Risk versus reward, Steve. How much damage are you willing to do to your family - to your family's name - because whatever's on that video, it's not going to bring your father back.
Steve McGarret: I need to know

"Hawaii Five-0: La Po'ino (#5.13)" (2015)
Joe White: The only easy day was yesterday.

Steve McGarrett: [after Joe drove the van into the harbor to neutralize the virus] Could you be any more dramatic?
Joe White: I could have held my breath for another 30 seconds, but I didn't want you gettin' wet.
Steve McGarrett: Oh, really. Really. How'd you know I'd jump in?
Joe White: I trained you, son.

Steve McGarrett: You coulda killed yourself! You know that?
Joe White: Nothin' you wouldn't have done yourself.
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Yeah, he's right. You would have done something *equally* as stupid.
Joe White: I guess that depends on how you define stupid.

"Hawaii Five-0: Ki'ilua (#2.10)" (2011)
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I have no idea. But a woman was murdered over it. And someone we used to work with it might be involved now - Jenna Kaye.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: Well, why don't you ask her about it?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: Yeah, I would, but uh, I can't because she with Steve in North Korea.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: WHAT?
Danny 'Danno' Williams: I think he's in trouble, Joe.

Danny 'Danno' Williams: Well, we can forget it. Because even if the Governor appealed to the State Department about launching a diplomatic mission, something like that could take weeks, even months to approve.
Lori Weston: Okay, we don't have that kind of time.
Chin Ho Kelly: Something needs to be done right now.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: That's right.
Kono Kalakaua: So what do we do?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: ...We're going to bring Steve home.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: We're on our own. I'm gonna need your badges and IDs. The minute the plane leaves the ground we're just civilians. That means no military supplies, fire support, or friendlies in the area. If the mission is compromised we go on... escape-and-evade. And in the unlikely event that we pull this off, we could be charged with espionage, face Federal prosecution and prison time for what we are about to do. That is of course, if any of us make it back. So if anyone wants to back out, now is the time. No shame in it. Go with God, and wish us luck.
[No one moves]
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: All right, that settles it. We come back with Steve, or we don't come back.

"Hawaii Five-0: Ka Ho' Oponopono (#2.13)" (2012)
Chin Ho Kelly: The problem is: you were the one seen taking Noshimouri at gun point... HPD isn't going to just let this go.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: [Noticing they have a tail] Apparently neither is the Yakuza. We've got company.

Lieutenant Commander Joe White: You're interfering with something that you don't understand.
Steve McGarrett: Then why don't you explain it to me, Joe? Tell me what the Hell's going on!... You gotta wake up. The walls are closing in on you. HPD wants answers. The Yakuza wants blood. Shelburne - is he worth this? Is he worth going to jail for? Is he worth dying for?
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: People are already dying, son. I'M TRYING TO MAKE IT STOP!

Steve McGarrett: I was tortured over Shelburne. I was tortured! Joe, Jenna Kaye paid with her life. I deserve answers. I want answers. I want them right now!
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: You know, son. There was a time when I'd have had you up on charges of insubordination for that.
Steve McGarrett: You know, we're not in the service anymore, Joe. And you're not my commanding officer.
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: You're right.
[Joe unbuckles his seat belt]
Lieutenant Commander Joe White: I'm not.
[Joe exits the car]

"Hawaii Five-0: Kupu'eu (#4.5)" (2013)
Morgue Attendant: Boss said you wanted to see me?
Joe White: This man's name is William Harrington.
[He looks down at Billy's face]
Joe White: Former Lieutenant Commander, SEAL Team 7. He saw action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Served his country with courage and distinction.
Morgue Attendant: I'll take good care of him, sir.
Joe White: I'm sure you will.
[He respectfully pulls the sheet over Billy's head and places his hand on his chest]
Joe White: I just wanted you to know who he is.

"Hawaii Five-0: Olelo Pa'a (#3.20)" (2013)
Steve McGarrett: We need a contact for gray intel, transpo and party favors. I was wondering if our old friend was still operating along the DMZ.
Joe White: Last I heard he was.
Steve McGarrett: Alright, how do I find him.
Joe White: Look for the bar that's open the longest.