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Special Sister (Character)
from "Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil" (2005)

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"Lucy: The Daughter of the Devil: Dildo Factory (#1.3)" (2007)
Special Father #2: For two minutes I'm in the bathroom, and the guy comes! It's not my fault!
Special Nun: Oh, I doubt it was two minutes!
Special Father #1: Okay. Settle down.
Special Nun: He reads US Magazine COVER-TO-COVER in there!
Special Father #1: Sister, settle down! It says we can pick it up tomorrow at the distribution center.
Special Nun: These are some of the most sacred artifacts of the Christian world!
Special Father #2: I don't read US Magazine!
Special Father #1: Thank you, Father...
Special Nun: Yes, you do!
Special Father #2: I DON'T!
Special Nun: Yes, you do!
Special Father #1: Sister, walk away! WALK AWAY!