Cypher Raige
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Cypher Raige (Character)
from After Earth (2013)

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After Earth (2013)
Cypher Raige: Fear is not real. The only place that fear can exist is in our thoughts of the future. It is a product of our imagination, causing us to fear things that do not at present and may not ever exist. That is near insanity Kitai. Do not misunderstand me, danger is very real, but fear is a choice. We are all telling ourselves a story and that day mine changed.

Kitai Raige: [waking up from an antidote-induced coma] Hey Dad...
Cypher Raige: Hey...
Kitai Raige: That sucked.
Cypher Raige: That is correct.

[last lines]
Kitai Raige: Dad...
Cypher Raige: Yeah?
Kitai Raige: I wanna work with Mom.
Cypher Raige: Me too.

Cypher Raige: Every single decision you make will be life or death. This is a class 1 quarantined planet. Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans.

Cypher Raige: [repeated line to center his son] Take a knee.

Kitai Raige: I'm going to my room.
Cypher Raige: Are you asking? Or are you telling me?
Kitai Raige: [beat] Permission to go to my room, sir?
Cypher Raige: Denied! Sit down!

Cypher Raige: I have a last visit to Iphitos. I'm flying tomorrow, supervising training. And after it's completed, I'm announcing my retirement.
Faia Raige: Retirement?
Cypher Raige: Maybe I'll work with you... in Turbine Division. Together.
Faia Raige: Please, no.
Cypher Raige: I want my family back. I want you back.

Cypher Raige: I detected graviton vibrations in the hull.
Hesper Navigator: But you detected how?
Cypher Raige: Graviton buildup could be a precursor to mass expansion. That storm could be on us in minutes.
Hesper Pilot: But, sir, mass expansion is one in million.
Cypher Raige: If we try to navigate out... the pull of our own graviton weight could set the thing off. Let's just hold course and hope I'm wrong.
Hesper Pilot: Just out of interest, sir, how often are you wrong?
Cypher Raige: My wife would give a very interesting answer to that question.

Hesper Computer: Warning. This planet has been declared unfit for human habitation, placed under class-one quarantine by the interplanetary Authority. Under penalty law, do not attempt to land. Repeat, do not attempt to land.
Cypher Raige: It's not possible.
Hesper Navigator: The computer might have defaulted back to a known demarcation point.
Cypher Raige: No, not here. Travel us again.
Hesper Pilot: Negative, sir. This ship is going to tear apart at any moment.
Cypher Raige: [pause] Set her down.

Cypher Raige: Everything on this planet has evolved to kill humans. Do you know where we are?
Kitai Raige: No, sir.
Cypher Raige: This is Earth.

Kitai Raige: The Ursa?
Cypher Raige: There're three possibilities. The first and most likely is that it died in the crash. The second and less likely is that it is injured very badly and still contained. The third and least likely is that it is out. We will proceed, however, in anticipation of the worst-case scenario. Every movement will be under protocol Escape and Evade. If he's out there... I will see him long before he gets anywhere near you. Do you understand?
Kitai Raige: Yes, sir.
Cypher Raige: Do exactly as I tell you and we will survive.

Cypher Raige: Kitai, calm down. Take a knee. Root yourself in this present moment now. Sight, sound, smell. What do you feel?
Kitai Raige: My body feels heavier.
Cypher Raige: Very good. Earth's gravitational pull is different than at home. Very good. Now let's go.

Cypher Raige: Inventory up.
Kitai Raige: Roger. Food rations, half available. Flares, full. Med kit, half available. Breathing fluid... Breathing fluid, four vials available.
Cypher Raige: [looks Kitai's heart rate increases] Why are you not showing me the case?
Kitai Raige: What?
Cypher Raige: Show it to me now.
Kitai Raige: I thought that I could make it, sir.
Cypher Raige: [after seeing the analysis report] Abort mission. Return to the ship. That is an order.

Kitai Raige: No, Dad. I can do it. I don't need many. I can get across with just two.
Cypher Raige: You need a minimum of three inhalers to make it to the tail. You have exhausted your resources.
Kitai Raige: I can get across. I can do it with just two, Dad.
Cypher Raige: This mission has reached abort criteria. I take full responsibility. You did your best. You have nothing more to prove. Now return to the ship.
Kitai Raige: What was your mistake? Trusting me? Depending on me, thinking that I could do this?
Cypher Raige: I am giving you an order... to turn around and return to this ship.
Kitai Raige: You wouldn't give any other Ranger that order?
Cypher Raige: You are not a Ranger. And I am giving you that order.
Kitai Raige: [pause] What was I supposed to do? What did you want me to do? She gave me an order. She said, no matter what, don't come out of that box! Was I supposed to just come out and die?

Cypher Raige: [Kitai finds bodies stuck on branches] It is a pheromone trigger. He set it to scare you... so he can track you. Keep moving.
[the monitor gives an alarm]
Cypher Raige: It has found you.