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Gary Cooper (Character)
from "The Newsroom" (2012)

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"The Newsroom: Main Justice (#3.3)" (2014)
Gary Cooper: [singing as he exits the elevator and walks down the halls to the news room, shocked to see it filled with FBI agents] In olden days, a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking, but now God knows, anything goes. Good authors too who once knew better words now only use four letter words, writing- What the fuck is going on?

Alex Thacker: The copy should have been assigned to me, but Gary assigned it to Stacey.
Don Keefer: [to the HR rep] Once I give it to Gary, Gary gets to make that call.
Alex Thacker: Based on merit, not based on who he prefers to sleep with at any particular moment.
Gary Cooper: I'm not sleeping and I've never slept with Stacey.
Alex Thacker: That may or may not be, but probably is a lie.
Alex Thacker: What we know for sure is Gary flirted with me, hit on me, took me out five times, slept with me twice, and then dumped me in a pile with the rest of the staffers he's used for his pleasure.
Don Keefer: I can't emphasize this enough. This is the new HR rep.
Alex Thacker: And I'm fine with all of that.
Don Keefer: So we're cool.
Wyatt Geary: No.
Alex Thacker: What I am not fine with is being passed over for an assignment at work because I exercised poor judgment in my personal life.
Gary Cooper: I gave it to her because she's better at this kind of thing.
Alex Thacker: What kind of thing?
Gary Cooper: The intersection of pop culture and the Holocaust. That might sound crazy.
Don Keefer: It did.
Gary Cooper: Look, I've gone out with several of the women in this building.
Don Keefer: Maybe you don't understand what HR does.
Alex Thacker: You're saying Stacey is a better writer than I am?
Gary Cooper: She's a different writer than you.
Alex Thacker: Different? Like I'm tired of this one, so I'll try a different one?
Don Keefer: I told Gary to give it to Stacey, all right? He is covering for me. I told him to give it to her because she is a better writer than you are.
Alex Thacker: Well, what am I supposed to do?
Don Keefer: Write better. That's it. Thank you both.

"The Newsroom: What Kind of Day Has It Been (#3.6)" (2014)
MacKenzie McHale: Will. By any chance, did you tell anyone about the pregnancy?
Will McAvoy: No. Absolutely not. You're not supposed to do that until after the first semester.
MacKenzie McHale: Trimester.
Will McAvoy: Tess, Kendra, Tamara and Martin tricked me into telling them.
Gary Cooper: Congratulations to you guys. That's going to be one good looking kid.
Will McAvoy: And then they might have told some people.