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Sue Wilson (Character)
from "Veep" (2012)

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"Veep: Election Night (#4.10)" (2015)
Sue Wilson Friend: [Sue and her friend are watching the election results] What will you do if O'Brien wins? Set up an office with Selina at the Betty Ford Clinic?
Sue Wilson: No. I've applied for a job outside. Politics bores me. It bores the living *hell* out of me. God, it's boring.
[Amy is on screen]
Sue Wilson: Amy looks off her game. Distracted.
Sue Wilson Friend: I only really know Amy as the woman who rushed everywhere, clutching her phone like it contained her frozen embryos.
Sue Wilson: She's a workaholic. Works frantically to avoid dealing with her weird mix of lack of self worth and narcissism. I really like her!

Sue Wilson: [On the phone] Amy, I saw your instability on TV. Call me when you get this. Get someone else to dial if you're in a straitjacket.

"Veep: East Wing (#4.2)" (2015)
Amy Brookheimer: Sue! I need to see the President right away!
Sue Wilson: Sure, Amy, I'll just tell the Israelis to move on. 'Cause they lo-o-o-o-ove that!

Gary Walsh: [Entering the room] Sue, Sue, Sue, Sue, Sue!
Sue Wilson: Yeah?
Gary Walsh: I need your help.
Sue Wilson: What is it?
Amy Brookheimer: [Entering the room] Sue, I need a window for the -
[Sees Gary]
Amy Brookheimer: Whoa. Gary, you look whiter than a Georgia country club.
[Gary scoffs]
Sue Wilson: What the hell is wrong, Gary? I mean currently, we don't have time for the whole tapestry.

"Veep: New Hampshire (#3.10)" (2014)
Sue Wilson: The oath will take place tomorrow at 12:00 noon.
Selina Meyer: Yes.
Sue Wilson: You will then acquire the nuclear codes.
Ben Cafferty: Goodbye, China.

Sue Wilson: Ma'am? Secretary Maddox would like a meeting, stat.
Selina Meyer: No. Stat. He's useless. He's a one-inch cock.

"Veep: Camp David (#5.8)" (2016)
Sue Wilson: Ma'am, Minna Hakkinen is through security and headed this way.
Selina Meyer: How is it that that Asperger salad inserted herself into this situation?

"Veep: Nev-AD-a (#5.2)" (2016)
Kent Davison: [Kent is trying to figure out how old Sue is] So, uh, you catch The Godfather on TV last night?
Sue Wilson: No.
Kent Davison: There was nothing like seeing it in the theater when it first came out. Back in '72.
Sue Wilson: I don't care for movies.
[Dejected, he leaves]

"Veep: Alicia (#3.3)" (2014)
Sue Wilson: [a group of elderly people are standing in a group]
[to Kent]
Sue Wilson: Sir, this is your beauty pageant of the nearly dead.

"Veep: Nicknames (#1.5)" (2012)
Mike McLintock: You sure you set this meeting for 8:00 A.M. today?
Sue Wilson: Am I sure?
[stares him down]
Mike McLintock: Okay, I'm sorry. Okay, of course you did. Of course. Please, stop staring at me like that. Undressing me with your eyes.
Sue Wilson: I'm adding more clothes, Mike.

"Veep: Tehran (#4.4)" (2015)
Amy Brookheimer: [Increasingly harassed] Sue, if anybody asks for me, I've gone outside to scream into the night.
Sue Wilson: Yeah, okay. Have one for me too!