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Quotes for
Lokai (Character)
from "Tales from the Crypt" (1989)

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"Tales from the Crypt: Werewolf Concerto (#4.13)" (1992)
Lokai: Come on out, bitch. It's time to hula! You didn't really think you'd get away from me, did you?

Mr. Hertz: Heard you asking for me at lunch.
Lokai: No, not me. I was looking for a big sweaty dumb-fuck with a bald head.

Janice Baird: Kind of old for a groupie, aren't we?
Lokai: Look, the sun is coming up. Why don't we discuss it over Breakfast?
Janice Baird: I don't do breakfast.
Lokai: Me neither. It's amazing how much we've got in common. Lunch?
Janice Baird: Nope.
Lokai: Dinner?
Janice Baird: ...Nada.
Lokai: Twenty questions, naked, in the bathtub... Say around midnight?
Janice Baird: Who's back to the faucet?
Lokai: Mine, of course.
Janice Baird: You just won yourself a prize, groupie. Room 212, around midnight. And don't forget your submarine.
Lokai: It's going to be a pleasure watching you perform, Janice Baird... A real pleasure.

Mr. Hertz: You play games with me. Rechek... He liked games. Only thing is. He lost.
Lokai: Well that's the difference between Carl and me. You see... I never lose.

Antoine: Good, then it's settled. We'll all stay inside and soon things will return to normal. Now, I have planned a marvelous weekend. Food, drink, entertainment. Pieter? Drinks for everyone. I love that color on you. It's going to be a festival, I promise you.
Lokai: Well done, Mr. Antoine.

Lokai: Mr. Antoine.
Antoine: Mr. Lokai... Sleep safely.

Lokai: I'm relaxing Carl, on your money. He hates losing, but he's so damn good at it.

Lokai: You been listening to this?
Janice Baird: Hard not to.
Lokai: What do you think?
Janice Baird: About?
Janice Baird: That whole hair on the back thing has always been a turn-off for me. And you?
Lokai: Oh I dig a chick with a healthy 'fro... Wherever I can find it.

Janice Baird: You know what they say about a man who does that to his ice, don't you?
Lokai: Yes. You can always count on him to lick the competition.
Lokai: Something like that.