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Sonny Butts (Character)
from "Chiefs" (1983)

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"Chiefs: Part 2 (#1.2)" (1983)
Sonny Butts: There ain't room but for one mean reputation around here!

Sonny Butts: [looking at the grave Foxy dug] I'll be damed! How many more of these young fellows you got planted around here Foxy, huh? You always said you wanted to help. Well let me tell you something Foxy baby, you and that shovel just dug me out of a hole deeper than this one. You just saved my neck ol' buddy! Yes sir!

Charlie Ward: [Putting his arm around Sonny] Sonny, it's gonna be great having you on the Force. Believe you me. We're snatch some folks heads sideways around this town.
Sonny Butts: [Grabbing Charlie's wrist] Just don't you ever grab a hold of me Charlie and we'll get along just fine.
Charlie Ward: Sure Sonny sure.

Billy Lee: [Grabbing Sonny's arm before he hits a man with his blackjack] Gimme that Sonny!
Sonny Butts: Resising arrest.
Hugh Holmes: Butts', listen to me. Get outta here go home and you stay there. Your all finished now. You hear me Butts? Now clear on outta here right now.