Matthew Kellog
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Matthew Kellog (Character)
from "Continuum" (2012/I)

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"Continuum: Rush Hour (#4.2)" (2015/I)
Matthew Kellog: [to his younger self] Don't judge me by you.

Matthew Kellog: So are you guys planning a real estate takeover? Do we renovate our way to a better future?

Matthew Kellog: [after CPR] Bitch! You tried to drown me!
Kiera Cameron: You were poisoned, I had to flush your lungs with water. I saved your life.
Matthew Kellog: You got to kiss me, so we're even.

"Continuum: Power Hour (#4.3)" (2015/I)
Matthew Kellog: [backing away from his downed security team] Okay, whatever they're paying you, I'll triple it.
Vasquez: You can't buy me, you already have.

[last lines]
Kiera Cameron: Can I ask a personal question?
Matthew Kellog: Anything.
Kiera Cameron: If nobody can trust you, how can you trust you.

"Continuum: Second Time (#2.13)" (2013/I)
Matthew Kellog: Killing me won't solve your immediate problem.
Kiera Cameron: But it will make me feel *so* much better.

"Continuum: The Dying Minutes (#3.12)" (2014/I)
[last lines]
Matthew Kellog: Seems the women has changed her mind. She is a heart breaker.

"Continuum: Lost Hours (#4.1)" (2015/I)
Matthew Kellog: [cocktail party banter] If I can't land a helicopter, what's the point of buying them?

"Continuum: Minute Changes (#3.4)" (2014/I)
Matthew Kellog: I've read the dossiers on these board members. There's no Kirk, there's no Picard. They barely have a Geordi. Stop laying their game.

"Continuum: Split Second (#2.2)" (2013/I)
Matthew Kellog: Incredible.
Alec Sadler: What do you want?
Matthew Kellog: You know who I am? Right. Well, believe it or not, I know a little bit about who you are as well. Maybe even more than you know about yourself.
Alec Sadler: Look, if Kiera sent you here to talk me into whatever...
Matthew Kellog: No, Kiera didn't send me. You know I- I had a job like this, once, way back - or is that "way forward"? - mopping floors and cleaning toilets. Good, honest work my father called it. I hated that job but I guess it did teach me something.
Alec Sadler: What's that?
Matthew Kellog: Well, first off, money and power doesn't mean your shit doesn't stink. More importantly, the only thing separating me and the future I wanted was will. I had the talent and the ambition, all I needed was a chance. The problem is, of course, you're rarely given that chance; more often than not you've got to take it. So one day, on my knees cleaning up where some idiot had missed with his piss, I did.
Alec Sadler: And what did you do?
Matthew Kellog: I quit. I scratched and clawed and willed myself into my own business. I put all that hard work into Kellog Incorporated.
Alec Sadler: And here you are today... you've come a long way.
Matthew Kellog: That's one way to put it.
Alec Sadler: Look, what does any of this have to do with me?
Matthew Kellog: Oh, I don't know. Let's just say that both of our futures rely on your own will. All you have to do is, is look down and realize...
Matthew Kellog: [whispering] that you're on your knees too.
Matthew Kellog: Only difference is, you're... a... genius. Anyway, listen, I'm uh, I'm lookin' to set up a new venture, cutting edge stuff. Also looking for talented visionaries to do visionary work. You know, mold the future, all that jazz. Hey, money is no object.
Manager Duncan: Uh, are you being taken care of, sir?
Matthew Kellog: Why yes, thank you. Alec here is taking very good care of me. He knows his stuff! You know something, I'd be careful if I were you. 'Cause someone might just, uh, just come along and... and poach him away.
Manager Duncan: Wonderful. Uh, have a... good day sir. Um, Alec, uh, when you're done with this customer, can you drop by my office? My printer's jammed.
Matthew Kellog: Printer jams. How novel. You know there's no paper in the future? Or should I say, "no future in paper"?
[Kellog offers Alec a business card. Alec takes it]
Matthew Kellog: Drop by for a chat unless you've made up your mind. In-credible.

"Continuum: Family Time (#1.9)" (2012/I)
Matthew Kellog: What happens in the future, stays in the future.

"Continuum: Second Guess (#2.11)" (2013/I)
Matthew Kellog: He's having full blown hallucinations. He's convinced Kagame's still alive. Sonya thinks it's time travel - he's been scrambled.
Kiera Cameron: Temporal dislocation. Yeah, I've seen it.
Matthew Kellog: You've felt it?
Kiera Cameron: [no] You?
Matthew Kellog: Only when I'm with you.

"Continuum: Second Truths (#2.6)" (2013/I)
Matthew Kellog: [handing his card to inventor] Why wait for the future when the future came looking for you?