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Delu-Knight (Character)
from "Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ" (2012)

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"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Hiita naru Zetto no Noroi - Soshite Shin Shô e (#1.10)" (2012)
Mitsuki Aoyagi: What do you want? Are you a sub-section chief from the Guerrilla Marketers?
Delu-Knight: Wrong! I'm Delu-Knight!
[tosses business card to them]
Nobuo Akagi: [reads card] Executive board director?
Yumeria Moegi: They sent a real fancy pants this time!
Nobuo Akagi: He's definitely way too cool to be a Guerrilla Marketer. He's like Silva from Bioman!
Delu-Knight: It's my duty to eliminate you delusional fools.
Nobuo Akagi: Then why don't you eliminate your stupid boss first?
Delu-Knight: The president isn't delusional. He's a visionary!
Mitsuki Aoyagi: Wait, you're just a delusion character, too?
Delu-Knight: What?

Delu-Knight: I waited through your whole thing, but what does "Commander Arashiyama has the best hair" mean? Who is that, anyway?

Delu-Knight: The more you use those Moe Moe Z-Cunes, the more Hakase Hiroyo suffers. And in the end, she'll fall prey to their curse!

"Hikônin Sentai Akibarenjâ: Ni Saitsûkai Saraba Môsô Sentai (#1.12)" (2012)
Delu-Knight: [grabs gun from Malshina] You're out of luck. In a crisis, my response time is one hundred times faster than the Japanese government. You two are the ones this world doesn't need!
Malshina: You two? You wouldn't... Father, too?
[shoots Malshina]
Delu-Knight: Now, I will take control of the Delusion Empire! The world will be mine!