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Harvey Dent (Character)
from The Dark Knight (2008)

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The Dark Knight (2008)
Harvey Dent: [during the fundraiser party held for Harvey Dent] The famous Bruce Wayne. Rachel's told me everything about you.
Bruce Wayne: I certainly hope not.

Harvey Dent: Alfred, right?
Alfred Pennyworth: [during the fundraiser party held for Harvey Dent] That's right, sir.
Harvey Dent: Yeah, Rachel talks about you all the time. You've known her, her whole life!
Alfred Pennyworth: Oh, not yet, sir.
Harvey Dent: Heh heh heh. Any psychotic ex-boyfriends I should be aware of?
Alfred Pennyworth: [smiles] Oh, you have no idea.

Bruce Wayne: [after running into Harvey and Rachel at a restaurant] So, let's put a couple tables together.
Harvey Dent: I'm not sure they'll let us.
Bruce Wayne: [gestures to the waiters to rearrange the seats] Oh, they should. I own the place.

Harvey Dent: [while having a fancy dinner with Bruce, Rachel and Natascha] You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Harvey Dent: [during a press conference] The night is darkest just before the dawn. And I promise you, the dawn is coming.

[while cross-examining one of Maroni's thugs on the witness stand, the thug pulls a gun and fires it at Harvey Dent; it mis-fires, and Harvey decks the thug with a right cross, and takes the gun away]
Harvey Dent: Carbon fiber, .28 Caliber, made in China.
[puts it on the table in front of Maroni]
Harvey Dent: If you want to kill a public servant, Mr. Maroni, I recommend you buy American.
Judge Freel: [to policemen holding the thug] Get him out of here!
Harvey Dent: But, Your Honor, I'm not done.
[cheers from the gallery]

Salvatore Maroni: [sitting in the defendant's chair] I thought the D.A. just played golf with the mayor, things like that?
Harvey Dent: [standing in front of the prosecution table] Tee off's one-thirty, more than enough time to put you away for life, Sally.

Lt. James Gordon: [while walking out of the courtroom with each other] It's a shame Sal's going to walk.
Harvey Dent: Yeah, well, the good thing about the mob is they keep giving you second chances.

Harvey Dent: You can *not* leave me alone with these people.
Rachel Dawes: [during the fundraiser party held for Harvey Dent] The whole mob's after you, and you're worried about *these* guys?
Harvey Dent: Yea, well, compared to *these* guys, the mob doesn't scare me.

Harvey Dent: [in his hospital room] Remember that name you all had for me when I was at Internal Affairs? What was it, Gordon?
Lt. James Gordon: Harvey, I...
Harvey Dent: Say it.
Two-Face: Say it!
Lt. James Gordon: Two-Face. Harvey Two-Face.
[Dent turns his head, showing Gordon the mutilated side of his face]
Harvey Dent: Why should I hide who I am?

Batman: [about Lau] If I get him to you, can you get him to talk?
Harvey Dent: I'll get him to sing.
Lt. James Gordon: We're going after the mob's life savings. Things will get ugly.
Harvey Dent: I knew the risks when I took this job, Lieutenant.
[turns back to Batman]
Harvey Dent: How will you get him back any...
[Batman has disappeared]
Lt. James Gordon: He does that.

Harvey Dent: Well, I guess no answer is a no.
Rachel Dawes: Harvey...
Harvey Dent: It's someone else, isn't it?
Rachel Dawes: Harvey...
Harvey Dent: Just tell me it's not Wayne, the guy's a complete...
[Bruce comes up behind him and grabs him in a chokehold]
Rachel Dawes: What are you doing?
Bruce Wayne: [as Harvey falls unconscious] They're coming for him!

Harvey Dent: Lightly irradiated bills. Fancy stuff for a city cop. Have help?
Lt. James Gordon: We liase with various agencies.
Harvey Dent: Save it, Gordon. I want to meet him.

Harvey Dent: Very well. Take the Batman into custody.
[everyone at the press conference looks confused]
Harvey Dent: I am the Batman.

The Joker: You know. I don't want there to be any hard feelings between us, Harvey. When you and, uh...
Harvey Dent: Rachel!
The Joker: Rachel were being abducted. I was sitting in Gordon's cage. Now, *I* didn't rig those charges.
Harvey Dent: Your men. Your plan.
The Joker: Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just... *do* things.

Harvey Dent: [on TV] I don't know about Mr. Lau's travel arrangements, but I'm sure glad he's here.
The Chechen: I put word out. We hire the clown.
[looks at the others]
The Chechen: He was right. We have to fix real problems: Batman.
[They don't see Gordon enter]
Lt. James Gordon: Ah our boy looks good on the tube.
Salvatore Maroni: You sure you want to embarrass me in front of my friends, Lieutenant?
Lt. James Gordon: Don't worry. They're coming too.
[Other cops enter and arrest the mobsters in the restaurant. Cuts to various locations in Gotham City, as the police do a massive round up of the mobsters in town. We see Stephens loading one thug into a police car, underneath an 'L' line, saying]
Detective Stephens: Have a nice trip. See you next fall.
[cuts to a courtroom, where Judge Surillo is reading the massive charges]
Judge Surrillo: 747 counts of extortion, 849 counts of racketeering, 246 counts of fraud, 87 counts of conspiracy to murder...
[as she flips through the documents, she finds a Joker playing card]
Judge Surrillo: ... 527 counts of obstruction of justice. How do the defendants plead?
[a massive army of defense lawyers start jostling and yelling all at once. The stenographer looks up, confused]
Judge Surrillo: Order! Order in the court!
[cut to the Mayor's office, where the Mayor is berating Harvey for his actions. Gordon and Commissioner Loeb are also present]
Mayor Anthony Garcia: 549 criminals at once. How did you convince Surillo to hear this farce?
Harvey Dent: She shares my enthusiasm for justice. After all, she is a judge.
Mayor Anthony Garcia: Well even if you're able to blow enough smoke to get convictions out of Surillo, you're going to set a new record at appeals for quickest kick in the ass.
Harvey Dent: It won't matter. The head guys make bail, sure... but the mid-level guys, they can't, and they can't afford to be off the streets long enough for trial and appeal. They'll cut deals that include *some* jail time. Think of all you could do with 18 months of clean streets.
[the Mayor waves Gordon and Commissioner Loeb out]
Mayor Anthony Garcia: The public likes you, Dent. That's the *only* reason this might fly. But that means it's on you. They're all coming after you now. Not just the mob: politicians, journalists, cops. Anyone whose wallet's about to get lighter. Are you up to it?
[Dent smiles]
Mayor Anthony Garcia: You better be. They get anything back on you, those criminals will be back on the streets...
[he walks over to the window and looks out]
Mayor Anthony Garcia: Followed swiftly by you and me.
[a dead Batman wanna-be in Joker makeup, with the sides of his mouth sliced into a grin, bangs into the window, causing the mayor to jump. Police lower the dead body, which is hanging from a noose, and they find a Joker card that says "WILL THE REAL BATMAN PLEASE STAND UP?"]

"Batman: The Animated Series: Two-Face Part I (#1.17)" (1992)
Dr. Nora Crest: [to a hypnotized Harvey Dent] Now Harvey, I would like to speak with your other personality. I would like to talk with 'Big Bad Harv.'
Harvey Dent: I don't think he wants to talk...
Dr. Nora Crest: He must if we're to help you. Please try.
[Harvey struggles, then opens his eyes and tosses a coin]
Dr. Nora Crest: Big Bad Harv?
Big Bag Harv (Two-Face): [in Two-Face's voice] Speaking.
Dr. Nora Crest: It appears you and Harvey are having trouble again.
Big Bag Harv (Two-Face): The guy's a wimp.
Dr. Nora Crest: Well, Harvey has special problems. When he was young, he felt very guilty about his angry feelings. So guilty that he hid them deep inside until they became an illness. You, Big Bad Harv, represent these angry feelings. Everyone has anger and it does not harm, as long as it doesn't result in bad behavior. Once Harvey understands this...
Big Bag Harv (Two-Face): Then maybe I'll go away. Right?
Dr. Nora Crest: Well...
Big Bag Harv (Two-Face): [Harvey suddenly stands and throws the table aside] I'm goin' nowhere, Missy! If anyone's leaving, it's Mr. Goody-good!
[throws a lamp through the window]
Big Bag Harv (Two-Face): And maybe you with him!

Big Bad Harv (Two-Face): Harvey... Harvey Dent.
Harvey Dent: No! Keep away! Leave me alone!
Big Bad Harv (Two-Face): [Chuckles] Where you going, Harvey? You can't get away from me.
["Big Bad Harv" appears in front of Harvey]
Big Bad Harv (Two-Face): See what I mean?
Harvey Dent: Stay away! I want no part of you!
[Big Bad Harv starts flipping a coin]
Harvey Dent: No! Stop it! Stop it, I said!
Big Bad Harv (Two-Face): It's time, Harvey. It's time.

Rupert Thorne: [Reading Harvey's file] Listen to this boys. Says here that when Harvey was a little boy, he was bothered by a bully. Everyday the bully would bug him after school, until one day little Harvey got so mad, he slugged him one.
Thorne's Thugs: Oooh.
Rupert Thorne: Of course, the bully ran away, which made little Harvey very proud. Until he heard that the bully was in the hospital.
Candace: That was some punch.
Rupert Thorne: That's what Harvey thought. Except the guy was in the hospital for appendicitis. But poor Harvey felt so guilty, he never showed his anger again. And that was the start of Big Bad Harv.
Harvey Dent: What do you want?
Rupert Thorne: Just a few favours from the D.A.'s office.
Harvey Dent: You're dreaming.
Rupert Thorne: Otherwise, as a concerned citizen, I'd be compelled to give this to the press. After all, the people of Gotham have a right to know the kind of person... or should I say "persons", they've elected. So, what do you say, Harvey? Do we have a deal?
Harvey Dent: There's just one problem...
Rupert Thorne: What's that?
Big Bad Harv (Two-Face): You're talking to the wrong Harvey.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Two-Face Part II (#1.18)" (1992)
Harvey Dent: Chance, Grace. Chance is everything. Whether you're born or not, whether you live or die, whether you're good or bad. It's all arbitrary.

Harvey Dent: You knew there was something terribly wrong with me! You could have fixed me!
[He puts his face in his hands and looks up to reveal the scarring]
Two-Face: Now look at me!
Batman: I'm sorry, Harvey. I tried.
Two-Face: [the bridge he is standing begins to rock violently. He falls over the edge and screams as he falls toward lava] Why couldn't you save me?
Batman: [He runs over to try to save him] Harvey! No!
Thomas Wayne: [Thomas and Martha Wayne are standing underneath a streetlight] Why couldn't you save us, son?
Bruce Wayne: [Bruce wakes up]

"Batman: The Animated Series: Second Chance (#3.2)" (1994)
Batman: Harvey, give me your other hand! I need both your hands to save you!
Two-Face: [hanging from a ledge] What, what should I do? The coin won't tell me...
Batman: It won't tell you ANYTHING! I switched coins when you grabbed me! It's a trick coin, it'll always land on edge! It's YOUR choice now, Harvey: life or death, the coin or me!
[after a pause, Dent drops the coin]
Harvey Dent: Batman, help me.
[Batman pulls him up... ]
Two-Face: Never!
[lets go of Batman's hand, and falls]

Harvey Dent: Good old Bruce. Always there... you've never given up on me.

"Gotham: Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze (#2.12)" (2016)
[first lines]
James Gordon: After searching the premises, I, along with Alfred Pennyworth and Selina Kyle, was able to locate the abductee, Bruce Wayne.
Harvey Dent: Where was he?
James Gordon: Theo Galavan's residence.
Harvey Dent: That's when you opened fire?
James Gordon: Yes. We eliminated the threat posed by Father Creal, and his men, and were able to recover Bruce Wayne.

[Harvey Dent walks up next to Captain Barnes, asking him about Jim Gordon's story]
Harvey Dent: Captivating story.
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: Yes, it was.
Harvey Dent: Do you believe him?
Captain Nathaniel Barnes: I believe your investigation has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.
Harvey Dent: Careful. You're starting to sound like a lawyer.

Batman (1989)
Dist. Atty. Harvey Dent: We've received a letter from Batman this morning. 'Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me.'
Alexander Knox: Question. How do we call him?
Commissioner Jim Gordon: He gave us a signal.
[Commissioner Gordon activates the Bat Signal]

Alexander Knox: Mr. Dent, I love that tie. We were discussing the pros and cons of winged vigilantes. What's your stand?
Dist. Atty. Harvey Dent: Mr. Knox, we have enough problems in this city without worrying about ghosts or goblins.
Alexander Knox: Pardon me, but that's not a denial.

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015) (VG)
Two-Face: [regains consciousness in the back of the Batmobile] Damn you...
Harvey Dent: So is it true... Bruce?
Two-Face: Don't answer, then. We know the truth.
Harvey Dent: You aren't Bruce Wayne. Jim Gordon and I, we didn't strike a deal with Bruce Wayne.
Two-Face: And it's sure as hell not Bruce Wayne waiting on the rooftops each night.
Harvey Dent: This is who you are. See, we get it, "Bruce." It's not the face you're given...
Two-Face: It's the face you choose.

"Batman: The Animated Series: Pretty Poison (#1.9)" (1992)
Harvey Dent: [about Pamela Isley] So, what do you think?
Bruce Wayne: Does she have a sister?
Harvey Dent: Nope. Pam's one of a kind. That's why I asked her to marry me.
Bruce Wayne: [Spits out his water] What?
Harvey Dent: Yep. That's the page-one headline.
[Groans and tugs at shirt]
Harvey Dent: Is it getting warm in here?
Bruce Wayne: You're still flushed from that last kiss. Harvey, you just met her last week.
Harvey Dent: And I already know she's the one. Gosh, it's so hot in here.
Bruce Wayne: Marriage is a big step, Harv. Don't you think you're rushing it?
Harvey Dent: No way. The moment I laid eyes on Pam, love hit me right in the face.
[Harvey passes out and collapse face-first into a bowl of chocolate mousse]
Bruce Wayne: [laughs] Harv, you've lost your mind... Knock it off. Harv? Harvey!

Batman: Arkham City (2011) (VG)
Harvey Dent: The only way to get by in this place is to get ourselves some respect...
Two-Face: ...Fear! That's how we get respect! Show them all how we do things!

"Gotham: Lovecraft (#1.10)" (2014)
Mayor Aubrey James: One of you is going down, mark my words.
Harvey Dent: Sir, that's not right.
Mayor Aubrey James: Hush. It's not you, Dent. Obviously, it's Mr. Gordon.
Harvey Dent: Sir, I protest.
Mayor Aubrey James: But not too much. You see, Counselor Dent knows how to walk the line. He knows where the edge is. You, Mr. Gordon, do not know where the edge is.
James Gordon: [rising] Mayor James. Kiss my ass.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 (2012) (V)
Harvey Dent: Cut it out. Just look at me and have your laugh. Get it over with. At least both sides match now, right? Look at me and have your laugh. Who are we kidding? They couldn't fix me. Nothing can change what I am.
Batman: You and me both.